China Students

Students In china wear social distancing headgears to class as schools resume (photos)

China Students now wear social distancing headgears to class as schools resume.

This comes a day after the Hubei province health commission announced that Wuhan, the city at the center of China’s Covid-19 outbreak, has no more hospitalized patients after the last 12 were discharged on Sunday.

Duke University professor, Eileen Chengyin Chow shared photos showing first graders at the Yangzheng Elementary School sitting in a classroom with desks arranged in single rows.

Students at the school are allowed to wear the headgear to remind them to keep their distance from each other.

From the pictures above,students were pictured wearing face masks and colourful headgear with extended plumes made out of cardboard and, in one case, balloons.

Some schools in Yangzheng Elementary School  has slowly reopening after the long hiatus, another school in the city of Hangzhou have enforced social distancing by letting students wear DIY hats with 3-foot-long horizontal plumes.