All Glo USSD Codes to buy data, transfer data and check balance

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This article was written to answer all the short code you needed to perform all Glo telecom ussd code to buy airtime , check account balance and all other functions  has become easier with the use of this codes provided by telecom companies

Glo, one of the leading telecommunications networks, offers a convenient short code system for its customers to purchase data and check their account balance swiftly.

Understanding how to navigate these USSD short codes can greatly enhance your user experience and ensure you stay connected without any interruptions.

This article will guide you through how to cancel or stop Glo data Plan,buy airtime and data from all Nigeria Banks, Buy Glo airtime and data, gift Glo data and Airtime Plan etc  you will also learn the code for balance checking on glo

All Glo ussd Code


Q: How can i Check Glo Data Balance

Here are the different ways you can check your Glo data balance:

A: 1. USSD Code

  • The primary method is to dial *312# You’ll receive a text message with Menu Then enter 4 your current data balance and validity period will display

2.. Glo Café App

  • Download the Glo Café app from your phone’s app store.
  • Log in with your Glo number.
  • Your data balance will be displayed on the main dashboard.


Q: How can i check Glo Airtime balance

A: 1.. USSD Code

The most convenient way is by dialing *310# it will display a menu
Enter 1  for main balance
Then 2 for bonus balance


Q: How can transfer or Share Glo data

There are two main ways to transfer or share Glo data with another Glo user:

This method allows you to share your active data plan with up to 5 Glo subscribers. They can then access the data you share alongside your own usage.

A. Here’s how to do it:

  1. USSD Code: Dial *312#
  2. Then enter 3
  3. Enter 1 again
  4. Enter the susbcribers number you want to share data with


  1. SMS: Send “Share [Recipient’s Number]” to 312 (e.g., Send “Share 0805XXXXXXX” to 312)


6.Q: How can i share Glo Airtime

A: Here’s how to share Glo airtime with another Glo subscriber:

Using the USSD Code:

  1. Dial: *131*Recipient’s Phone Number*Amount*Transfer PIN#

    • Example: To transfer N50 to 08055551234 with a PIN of 12345, dial 1310805555123450123
  • Confirm: You’ll get a text message asking you to confirm the transfer. Follow the instructions.


How to Create Glo share or transfer PIN

  • Open your phone’s dial pad and enter the USSD code: *312*0000*New PIN*New PIN#

  • Replace “00000” with your current PIN (default is 00000 if you haven’t changed it before).

  • Replace “New PIN” with your desired new 5-digit PIN (twice for confirmation).

  • You’ll receive a confirmation message if successful.

By default, Glo transfer pin is 00000 and to change this default PIN, dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#

:Example: Let assume your new glo share /transfer PIN is 39399, then dial *312*00000*12345*39399*. This USSD command will immediately reset your Glo transfer PIN


Q: Can i borrow airtime from GLO

A: Yes: you can Borrow now and pay later by dialing *301# or *321#. Borrowed Airtime will be deducted from your next recharge.


Q: Can i borrow data from GLO

A: Yes You can borrow data online on the Glo website or by dialing *303#, this will provide you with the amounts you are eligible to borrow.

Q: Can i  Borrow Airtime  from Glo for Friends and Family

A: Yes you can Borrow now for friends and family and pay later by dialing *301# or *321#. Borrowed Airtime will be deducted from your next recharge.


  • *321*1*25# for N25
  • *321*1*50# for N50,
  • *321*1*100# for N100,
  • *321*1*200# for N200,
  • *321*1*500# for N500
  • *321*1*1000# for N1000
  • *321*2*2000# for N2000


Q: Can i  borrow Glo data for friends and Family

A: Yes You can borrow data on Glo website or by dialing *303#,0r *312# this will provide you with the amounts you are eligible to borrow for family and friends.


  • *321*2*50# for 35MB,
  • *321*2*100# for 95,
  • *321*2*200# for 200MB,
  • *321*2*500# for 650MB
  • *321*2*1000# for 1.6GB
  • *321*2*2000# for 4,4GB



How to Migrate to glo Friends & Family

To migrate to Glo family and friend dial *100*9*1# or *100*9*2#) and you can you can add up to 10 numbers to your Family and Friends list either Glo GBam & Glo Infinito

How to Check your Glo mobile number

To view or check your Glo number when you can’t remember  just Dial *135*8# and your number display on your screen Or  dial 1244 to listen to it. Once dialed, your 11 digits number will be displayed on your screen instantly

Q: Can i Gift data on Glo

A: Yes  You can gift data to a loved one today from Gloworld because everyone loves to receive gifts. To gift Glo data : Dial *312*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]# or Send “Gift [friend’s number]” to 312, to gift a subscription

Q: Can i share data on Glo ?

A; Yes You can share data with your loved ones by following the step(s) below: 

  1. USSD Code: Dial *312#
  2. Then enter 3
  3. Enter 1 again
  4. Enter the susbcribers number you want to share data with


Q: Can see the To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription with

A: yes to see the list simply dial *312*02# or Send “List” to 312

  • Alternatively, visit from your device (using Glo SIM) and use the sharing feature

Q: Can i add 10 frequently called family and friends

A: Yes To Add 10 frequently called family and friends number to your  Glo line  Dial *101*1*Mobile No#.

Example:Let assume you want to add 07051234567 to your family and friend list just dial *101*1*07051234567#.

Q: How to buy Glo Data

A: To buy Glo data Plans of your choice  by dialing *312#  or any Gloworld method for data bundle subscription channels: or USSD: *312# and follow the prompt message to buy data


Q:Can i cancel or stop Glo data Plan Auto Renewal via 312 Number

A: Yes To stop Glo auto data renewal Type in ‘CANCEL’ (a single word with no quotation marks) and send this text to the quick number 312.


Q;How to migrate to Glo BEREKETE 10X 

A: Yes: simply  Dial *230# from their Go line  to migrate to glo berekete 10x

How to contact Glo Customer Care

To contact Glo customer care is as followed:

Phone call

For prepaid lines on Glo: 300

Other Networks: +2348050020121

For postpaid lines on Glo: 300

Other Networks: +2348050020200


Email address


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