Ariana Grande says she won’t be dating for the rest of 2019

Ariana Grande appeared to be calmed to put the year in her back view reflect as she said she won’t date for the rest of this year 2019 and even whatever remains of her life, however she was being wry about it.

The Dangerous Woman beauty split with rapper Mac Miller in May following two years together, around four months in front of his September 8 overdose at 26 from liquor, cocaine and fentany.

Ariana reacted to an article on Tuesday which conjectured on she’s identity seeing recently by amusingly tweeting, “would they be able to let me know as well?” She caught up with, “spoiler for whatever is left of this current year/likely my life: it’s nobody. if it’s not too much trouble allude back to this tweet for future questions.”

The singer came across a fan’s post with the headline:

“Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!”

She answered to one devotee before making it perfectly clear she isn’t with anyone.

Grande, whose respective relationships with the late Mac Miller and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson ruled stimulation features all through 2018, posted a second reaction suggesting she was going to be staying single for the duration of 2019.

Her relationship with Davidson, which included a brief engagement, ended this past October.


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