How to borrow Airtime from 9mobile/ Etisalat Nigeria

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Have you ever find yourself in a tight situation and you need to make urgent phone call unfortunately you couldn’t find the card dealer also you run out of call card As 9mobile subscriber.

If your answer is “Yes”, welcome to our guide. we shall walk you through on how to borrow airtime from 9mobile formerly know as etisalat in Nigeria .

The telecom company has unveiled morecredit which allow subscribers borrow airtime/data anytime and repay on your next recharge provided they are qualify to do that.

The borrow Airtime and data  can be use to make call and surf the website.*morecredit is available to all pre-paid customers & can be used in the same way as normal airtime/data


How to Borrow Airtime from  9Mobile

9mobile has provided a USSD code that allows you borrow airtime airtime, credit or data easily and pay back at a later time.The amount you can borrow depend on your frequent rechage and the volume of Airtime you buy

Subcribes can borrow up to N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000 and N2000 the service is available both in SMS and USSD code

To borrow airtime from 9mobile, follow these steps:

1. Dial *303# on your 9mobile line.
2. From the options displayed, select the Borrow Airtime option.
3. Choose the amount of airtime you want to borrow. The available options will be displayed along with the corresponding costs.

4. Select the desired airtime loan plan by entering the corresponding number or code.
5. Confirm the transaction by following the on-screen prompts.
6. The borrowed airtime will be credited to your account, and the loan amount will be deducted from your next recharge


How to pay back borrowed  9mobile Airtime

You can repay back 9 mobile borrowed airtime wvia the following channel back the airtime loan with recharge card vouchers or an e-top up

2.transferred airtime from other customers

3.repay the loan on your next recharge

4.Repay the loan on your next recharge along with service fees


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