Glo borrow me Data: How To Borrow Data from Glo in Nigeria

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How to borrow data from Glo- Gone are the days when running out of data meant being cut off from the world until you could find a recharge card or get to your bank to top up your phone.

With Glo Borrow Me Data service,  you can now borrow data and stay connected even when your balance hits zero. This service is a lifesaver for those urgent moments when you need internet access but can’t immediately purchase data...with the Glo yakata  you can enjoy awoof benefits  like voice and data bonus

Whether you’re in the middle of a crucial online meeting, about to close an important deal over email, or just chilling with your favorite Netflix series, Glo has got you covered.

With this service you will be allowed to borrow data and payback on your next recharge. The amount of data you can borrow depends on your recharge history and other requirements. When it comes to data borrowing charges, Glo usually applies a 15% interest rate on top of the borrowed data.

This feature is available to all registered and active Glo subscribers Glo Borrow Me Data comes in variation according to prices.The service will provide data credit on loan for browsing and downloading not credit to call except you apply for borrow me airtime


In this article, we will discuss the steps to borrow data from Glo in Nigeria, as well as some tips to ensure a successful borrowing experience.


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Eligibility Criteria for Borrowing Data from Glo

Not every Glo subscriber can borrow data. The service is reserved for loyal customers who meet specific criteria:

  • Sim Age: Your Glo SIM must be at least four months old.
  • Recharge Frequency: You should have a history of regular recharges, though Glo hasn’t specified an exact amount.
  • Previous Loans: If you’ve borrowed airtime or data before, ensure you’ve paid it back. Outstanding loans could affect your eligibility.

Meeting these criteria is your ticket to accessing Glo’s Borrow Me Data service whenever you’re in need



1. ₦50 35MB + 5MB Night* = 40MB 1
2. ₦100 95MB + 35MB Night* = 130MB 1
3. ₦200 200MB + 100MB Night* = 300MB 2
4. ₦500 650MB + 550MB Night* = 1.2GB 14
5. ₦1,000 1.6GB + 1GB Night* = 2.6GB 30
6. ₦2,000 4.4GB + 600MB Night* = 5GB 30

You can also borrow data by dialing *321#

*Night plan bonus can be used between 12am and 5am.


How do I borrow Glo data ?

Borrowing data from Glo is a straightforward process, but it requires you to follow specific steps. Here’s how you can borrow data and stay online:

  1. Dial the Code: Start by dialing *303# on your Glo handset to access the Borrow Me Data menu.
  2. Choose Your Data Package: Once you’re in the menu, you’ll see a list of data packages available for borrowing. These range from small amounts for those quick emails to larger packages for binge-watching your favorite shows.
  3. Confirm Your Selection: After choosing your preferred data package, confirm your selection. Be mindful that a service charge will be applied, which is a small percentage of the data package price.
  4. Receive Your Data: After confirmation, you’ll receive your borrowed data instantly. Glo will also send you a message detailing your loan amount and the service charge.

How to Re-pay Glo borrowed data

Repaying your borrowed data is automatic. The next time you recharge your Glo line, the amount you borrowed will be deducted from your top-up. or kindly dial *303*9*9# and follow on screen message if you have credit on your phone It’s crucial to keep this in mind when recharging, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Q: What happens if I don’t repay my loan after 72 hours?

A:You will not be able to access the Service until you pay back the entire amount owed and it will adversely affect your credit rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.


Q;How can I check Glo BORROW ME DATA account balance?

A;You can check your glo borrow me data  account balance in the following ways;

1.From the *312# menu, select ‘My Account’ then select ‘2’ to view your account balance.

2. From 312 IVR menu: Simply dial 303, follow the voice prompt, press 5 and your account balance will be sent to you in an SMS.

3. From SMS: Text Balance to 312



Glo’s Borrow Me Data service is a fantastic feature for staying connected during those critical moments when you can’t purchase data traditionally. By understanding how the service works, meeting the eligibility criteria, and following the steps to borrow data, you can ensure you’re never left out. Just remember to borrow wisely

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