How to Use LinkedIn To Promote market Business

How to Use LinkedIn To Promote/market Business

2019-10-10 Admin 0

As a business owner it will nice to know that LinkedIn is a powerful business development tool to generate more sales leads and increase your business scope within your target market since it’s more appropriate for professionals Unlike Facebook or […]


10 Ways to Drive Traffic From Instagram to your website

2019-10-07 Admin 0

Whether you’re a blogger ,production /service or marketing (or both!), chances are you’re looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website via Instagram. However, figuring out exactly what works can be pretty tough. If your website  isn’t generating […]

how to be a Good Salesperson

How to be a Good Salesperson

2019-10-06 Admin 0

As a salesperson, you must understand that there are many different reasons why prospect’s may buy your product or service. But people buy for their reasons, not yours. They buy for the reason that motivates them to take action. The […]