Investment bankers Clients 1. Institutions – Investment banks perform great role in helping and working with institutional investors who manage other people’s money to help them trade securities and provide research. 2. Governments – They also work with governments to raise money, trade securities, and buy or sell crown corporations. 3. Corporations: Bankers work with both private and public companies to help them go public (IPO), raise additional capital, grow their businesses, make acquisitions, sell business units, and provide research for them and general corporate finance advice.

List of Investment banks in United States

As a  financial services company, Investment banking  acts as an intermediary in large and complex financial transactions.  It’s   downpour of banking which  largely concentrates on equity financing for transnational and local businesses, individuals, and even governments. These assorted finance statutes can be in the form of equity/debt IPO, bonds offering, consolidations and accessions, portfolio surveillance, […]

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