Turkey referendum:Tayyip Erdogan wins

2017-04-17 Admin 0

Turkish referendum vote is about coming to an end as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory, as count neared completion. With more than 99% of ballots counted, “Yes” was on 51.35% and “No” on 48.65%. The two main opposition […]

China Government offers $72,460 to whistleblowers

2017-04-10 Admin 0

China has copy from Nigeria whistleblowers policy as a right directive to combat corruption in high populated Asia continent. The offered are not as rich and big as what Nigeria has offered its citizens.Nigeria has offered between 2.5 and 5 […]

United States aircraft ready for N/Korea strike

2017-04-09 Admin 0

The United States aircraft carrier ready for Korean strike the aircraft carrier-led strike group is headed towards the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula, a U.S. defense official confirmed to CNN. The move of the USS Carl Vinson is […]