How to enroll for Bank of America Online banking and transfer Money

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Bank of America online Banking enables you to make payments, transfer money, deposit checks and many more. This is a robust channel designed with the state-of –the-art technology that gives you unlimited access to your accounts and allows you conveniently perform over 90% of your bank transactions online real-time.

With Bank of America online Banking, you can enjoy the convenience of managing your finances quickly and easily at a time that suits you. You can bank safely and securely – at work, home or abroad.

You don’t need to visit the banking hall all the time with online banking.You can complete most of your basic banking transactions. You can do all of this at your own convenience, wherever you want

This service requires you to use a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other device, an Internet connection and a bank or debit card. In order to access the service.

‘Bank of America online banking is fast and efficient. Funds can be transferred between accounts almost instantly, especially if the two accounts are held at the same institution.

How to get started with Bank of America online enrollment

1. To Stay on top of your finances with secure Online Banking. Enrollment kindly Visit and click on Enroll.
2.Fill in all required information and select Continue.
3.Fill in your email and the bank will send you a code to verify your identity then select Send code.
4.Fill in the authorization code that will be sent to you by your bank and click Submit.
5. Review and Create your new Online ID and Passcode and select Continue.
6.Once done you will be You are now enrolled in Online Banking and ready to log in with your new Online ID and Passcode.
7. You can use the same ID and Passcode to login to the Mobile Banking app.

How to enroll for Bank of America Mobile banking

You can easily enroll for Bank of America mobile banking by using the username and password of your online banking. Also Mobile Banking requires that you download the Mobile Banking app and is only available for select mobile devices on bank of America platform


How to transfer money with bank of america online and mobile banking

To transfer money to business associate or friends and family from your bank of America account you need to follow the steps given below.

1.From the mobile app Use your fingerprint to securely sign in.
2.Select Transfer | Send and then Make a Transfer.
3.Select the account you want to transfer From and then the account you want to transfer To.
4.Enter the Amount you’d like to transfer.
5.Enter the Date you want the transaction to occur and then tap Continue.
6.Confirm the transaction details, tap Make Transfer and you’re done


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