Union bank USSD mobile banking: How to register ,transfer money and buy Airtime

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Do you want to perform seamless and secure banking transactions using your mobile phone.Union bank USSD or mobile banking is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective means of accessing and managing your account via phone without the use of an internet connection.

The magic banking service by union bank enable customers pay bills, send money buy airtime and many more financial service from the phone number that is linked to Union bank Accounts and Transactions can be completed on the go

With Union bank USSD Banking you don’t need to visit the physical banking hall, you can convenience and comfort open an account. you can also pay bills, send money, or check account balance this can be done from the phone registered with your bank

Union bank USSD code is fast, secure and reliable when it comes to financial transactions; it uses encryption devices to ensure that your information is protected and there is no security breach.

Mobile banking by Union bank transactions can be performed anytime of the day from the convenience of your home. need of waiting in long queues at the bank is completely eliminated


What you can do with Union bank ussd code

  • Transfer money to another Union bank account and to other Nigerian Bank accounts
  • Buy Airtime for yourself & other people
  • Buy Data for yourself & other people
  • Check your Union bank account balance
  • Open a new account with Union bank
  • Pay Bills.


How to register for Union bank USSD code

To enroll or register for Union bank ussd code Dial *826# on the mobile number linked to your account .

2.Then Select “1” to activate UnionMobile ussd and follow the options.
3.Also Select the last 4 digits of your debit card
4.Input your CVV (3-digits behind the debit card)
5.Input debit card PIN


How to Transfer money to Union Bank

To transfer money to another union bank account from Union bank
1. Dial *826*1*Amount*Account No#
2. Then Authorize with your PIN

Example : Let assume you want to send 5000 cash to another Union bank customer
Just *826*1*5000*3452345678# Then authenticate with your PIN


How to Transfer money to other banks

To send cash to non union bank account dial *826*2*Amount*Account no# and follow the prompt message to complete the transfer

Example: Let assume you want to send 10000 to Polaris bank account all you need is to dial
*826*2*10000*3041899117# Then authenticate the transfer with your PIN


How to Buy airtime for yourself

You can easily buy Airtime or recharge card for-self via Union bank account all you need is to dial *826*Amount#

Example Let Assume you want to buy Airtime of 1000 for the phone number that is linked to your account Just dial *826*1000#


How to buy Airtime for other

To buy Airtime for family and friends on Union bank account using ussd code dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile No# and follow the onscreen message to buy Airtime

How to buy data from Union bank

To buy data from Union bank dial – *826*9# then authenticate it with your PIN


How to check Union bank account balance

You can check union bank account balance by dialing *826*4# then follow the prompt message


How to Block Union bank account

You can Block your account from your phone number by *826*6# and follow prompt message to block your account with the phone number linked to union bank account

You can also Block your Union bank account from other phone numbers by dialing *826*6*mobile number#


How to (block and unblock card) Union bank

To block and unblock your Union bank ATM card dial *826*21# and follow the prompt message


Union bank Cardless withdrawal

To withdraw money from Union bank account without ATM card , just dial *826*7*amount# and follow onscreen message to get your cash.

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