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UBA Leo Chat Banking: How to send money, buy airtime, complaint and many more

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Do you want to learn what you can do with UBA Chat Banking which known as Chat With Leo your Virtual Banker which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot for banking services.

The Leo banking service  is available to users on social media (FaceBook Messenger and WhatsApp). A character called LEO is your digital agent on UBA ChatBanking.The platform is available to everyone – UBA and non-UBA customers.

You can open a UBA account on UBA ChatBanking. It is easy and instant and the account can receive funds. You can also buy airtime, send money, pay bills, make complaints, withdraw without card, block card, pay tax and so much more via chat with Leo.


How to get start with UBA Leo

To get started with UBA Leo,  Simply go to your Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages, WhatsApp and Google Business Chat. Search for ‘UBA Chat Banking’ Leo

For Nigeria, LEO’s WhatsApp Number is 234 903 001 0007. Add the mobile number on your WhatsApp mobile contact Or clicking here and send Hi to chat with LEO on WhatsApp.


What are the services available on UBA  Leo?

The following service is available in UBA Leo chat banking as listed below:
1.Opening of account
2.Checking of account balances
3.View mini statement
4. Send money
5.Buy airtime
6.Pay bills
7. ‘Log complaint
8.Cardless Withdrawal
9.Block card, pay tax and so much more


How to open UBA account with Leo

To open account with Leo,just Send ‘Hi’ to Leo
– Select ‘Account Opening’
– Enter BVN and Activation Code
– Select ‘Segment’ and ‘Sub-segment’
– Enter location and choose the nearest branch
– Accept Terms and Conditions
– Account Number will be displayed and sent via SMS


How to Send Money with Leo

To send money with leo, Simply type ‘Send money‘ on any of the Leo platforms to transfer to self and loved ones. Make your transactions simple, easy and fast just by having a conversation with Leo.


How to complaint via UBA Leo

To lay your complaint and view the status of your complaint via UBA Leo , send ‘Log complaint‘ on any of the Leo platforms, select your complaint category and follow prompt. You can also track your complaint by sending ‘Lodge complaint’ then selecting ‘View Complaint Status‘.


How to Withdraw Money from UBA without ATM card

The UBA cardless withdrawal allow you to withdraw cash with your debit card , you need to Generate Cash Out Token via Leo on the following steps below:

Launch the Leo chatbot on WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/ABC
– TypeCardless Withdrawal
– Select option DCardless Withdrawal
– Select Send Money To Phone
– Enter the Amount you want to send inmultiples of N1,000
– Enter a unique four-digit cash out PIN (this is required for withdrawal via the ATM)
– Enter a description or skip

– Confirm the transaction details displayed, i.e., the phone number linked to your account and amount, then select pay or cancel
– Select an account to debit if multiple accounts are linked on Leo
– Authorise the transaction using any of the authentication methods displayed on Leo
– A 10-Digit cash out tokenwill be generated. You can use the code to withdraw from any UBA ATM or share with a beneficiary for withdrawal from any UBA ATM. (Note: The Withdrawal code and Amount is also delivered to the registered mobile number as SMS and expires in 48hrs)


How to Withdraw Cash from the ATM using the Cash Out Token generated via Leo

– Press any key on the ATM to bring up the options.
– Select UBA Cardless Withdrawal

– Enter your one-time 4 digits cash out PIN for verification.

– Enter the 10 digits UBA cash out token generated via Leo.

– Enter the Cash Out Amount
– Withdraw your cash.


How to Cancel  UBA Cardless withdeawal Request

– Launch the Leo chatbot on WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/ABC
– Type ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
– Selectoption D – Cardless Withdrawal
– Select Cancel Request
– Select the account number used to generate the cash out token
– Authorise the transaction using any of the authentication methods displayed on Leo
– Enter the 10 digits cash out token you wish to cancel
– Request will be cancelled

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