Online BettingSA’s betting market report: How to Bet on Sports Online in South Africa

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Do you want to learn how to Bet on Sports Online and Online BettingSA’s betting market report ?This article will guide you on different kind of betting such as outcome bets,Over/Under Bets,Handicap Bets and Live Bets if you live in south Africa.

South Africans have always loved betting from the time being. Meanwhile, the 2011 removal of the online gambling ban appears to have awakened the urge to gamble in the nation. Many punters now focus on online gambling, and this trend looks like it will continue for a long while

Firstly, the South African gambling regulations provide a welcoming atmosphere for these online platforms, encouraging them to troop into the country. Further, the comfort, privacy, and broader range of games on online gambling as well as bonuses and promotions have all contributed to online gambling nationwide acceptance.

However, all these don’t guarantee a successful gambling adventure unless you know what to bet on to win. Our post will walk you through the types of bets and mistakes to avoid while betting hints at becoming a successful gambler/

Different Types of Bets

We have many types of bets available for South African punters. While some are common and easy to understand, others need little explanation. Below are different betting types.

Outcome Bets

Outcome bets are very straightforward, and they are most times called 3-way bets for soccer and hockey matches. It involves predicting the result of the match for a regular period. And this can be a home team win, away team win, or draw. You win when you predict right by regular time. This prediction doesn’t extend to extra time results in football matches; the bet is decided with the results after 90 minutes and additional time

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bet is also called Total bet, and this is a common market offered by bookmakers. Here, the punter is expected to predict whether the points, goals or certain statistics of a game will surpass or be lower than a specific number. You can play a total of both or one of the teams playing. It can also be about a particular player, or a certain game section. For instance,  if Chelsea vs. Manchester City has Over 2.5 goals, you win if they score three or more goals and lose when their total goals are two or fewer.

Accumulator Bets

An accumulator bet is another common type of betting which combines the prediction of multiple events in a betting slip. These predictions can include game outcomes, totals, handicaps, or other types explained on our site- To win the bet, all your predictions must be correct. Also, your winnings are calculated as the multiplication of all selection odds and your stakes. Also, accumulator bets start from 2-folds (comprising two selections) and above.

Pre-Match Bets

Pre-match bets are the most common, and most bets placed come as Pre-Match. These are wagers placed on a sporting event before the event starts. This always comes with fixed odds and can be a single or a simulator game. For instance, if Chelsea plays Manchester City by 12:30 Pm, all bets staked on the event before the 12:30 kick-off are Pre-Match bets.

Live Bets

South African bettors can also place live bets on their favorite matches. Live bets are the direct opposite of Pre-Match bets and are staked during the match. These types of bets are suitable for punters actively following a match. It can help them minimize loss or even make a profit if their pre-match prediction is losing. Odds from live games can be bigger or smaller compared to the pre-match odds, depending on how realistic the prediction has become.

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting involves adding points or goals to a particular team or player to even up their winning possibilities. For instance, you can give Chelsea 2 goals ahead (+1.5) to beat Manchester City. You win if Chelsea wins, draws, or loses with 1 goal difference. You can also use a handicap to boost the odds given to a favorite.

Tips for Successful Sports Betting

While online gaming is based on luck, and winning is not guaranteed, some tips can help you have a successful betting experience. They are:

  • Set Achievable Objectives: one of the best ways to kickstart your sports bet journey is by making realistic objectives. Aiming to get rich by playing sports bets means starting on the wrong foot. Understand that losses often come, and only a few maintain enough winning streaks to make profits. Brace yourself for any loss in your gambling.


  • Conduct Good Research: Take your time researching the event you are about to stake. A little time on statistics, forms, and news about the team can positively influence your betting decision. This will, in turn, increase your chances of having successful sports betting.


  • Understand All The Basics: Before betting on sports, take your time to learn the basics. With a proper grasp of the betting basics, you have a better chance of enjoying and making profits. Know the lingos and the terms used by bookmakers, and you will improve with time. Also, only bet on games you understand.


  • Have A Working Budget & Effective Staking Plan: Since betting involves real money, you must set a working budget to help manage your bankroll. Setting your periodic bankroll will help you avoid overspending. Also, have a proper staking plan. A staking pattern will determine the part of your budget that you should wager. It will make your losses bearable when such occur and prevent quick loss of your bankroll.

Mistakes to Avoid


Here are some mistakes you must avoid while playing sports bets to have a profitable gambling adventure. It includes:

  1. Avoid personal bias: One of the common mistakes by South African punters is letting your emotions guide your betting decision. It is natural to wish for your favorite team to win a match, but this will not always happen, especially if they are the underdog of this match. Betting decisions based on personal bias will cost you some money.
  • Avoid being overconfident while on a winning streak: You might be lucky to be on a winning streak, but this should not make you overconfident. Overconfidence during a nice winning run can tempt you to stake very high, leading to a significant loss if you predict wrongly.
  1. Avoid chasing your losses: Another common mistake you should avoid is chasing your losses. Just like winning runs come, losing might occur too. However, it’s crucial not to try to win your lost wager continuously. It may lead to losing runs, which will have compounding effects on your bankroll.


As online sports betting keeps increasing in South Africa, it is worth noting that winning is not sure. However, with the tips shared in this post, your gambling can be enjoyable and profitable. We have also shown you some mistakes you should avoid making.

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