Optus data sharing:How do I share data with Optus

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Do you want to learn how Optus data sharing for me and families work? The service allows you to share data across as many Optus postpaid mobile and mobile broadband plans as you want, as long as they’re all on the same account.Data Sharing is not available with Wireless broadband plans.

This service enables eligible Postpaid Mobile or Postpaid Mobile Broadband plans on the one bill to share the monthly data across devices. All the data from each plan will be added to a single pool accessible by each plan.You can connect any combination of eligible mobile SIM and mobile broadband plans.

When Data Sharing, you have the convenience of using all your data inclusions across eligible plans under the one account. You can connect any combination of eligible mobile and mobile broadband plans.

The data allowances of your included services are added together to make up the total value of your shared data. Once an included service uses up its own data allowance, it will start using data from the rest of the shared data allowance.

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However, If you’re opted into Endless Data you can continue to use data, but at maximum speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. or you’ll receive an additional 1GB for $10 when you use up all your shared data and will continue to use data at full speed.Alternatively, you can also add a Data Add-on.

Which Optus plans come with data sharing?

There are 3 types of Optus plans that provide data sharing:

1. Postpaid SIM-only mobile plans
2.Postpaid mobile broadband plans
3.Optus’ Family Mobile Plan

However, Optus Choice Plus, Optus Plus Family, Optus Plus Kids, Optus Choice Plus Data and Optus Choice Plus Watch plans can only share data with each other and not any other plans

How do I Data Share on Optus ?

There are a few ways to send data to Optus. You can use a SIM card, a USB modem, or an Ethernet cable

1. Browse

Grab a combination of our eligible mobile SIM and mobile broadband plans and pop them in your cart.


Proceed to checkout and log in to your Optus My Account or create a new one.


the telecom we’ll do the magic behind the scenes, and all eligible services will be on one account to share data.

For each postpaid mobile or mobile broadband plan you purchase on the same account, Optus will provide you with 1 SIM. The data from each 1 will form a pool that can be accessed by all plans on the account.

How does the Optus Family Mobile Plan work?

With this plan, $149 per month will get you 4 separate SIMs to distribute as you want and a 200GB data pool to share between the SIMs.

You can purchase up to 4 extra SIMs by adding on “Optus Kids Mobile Plans” for $29 per month each. These SIMs get access to the shared data and unlimited domestic calls and texts.

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Data Sharing for business

Business owners have the ability to combine eligible Postpaid mobile, tablet and mobile broadband plans on the same billing account. The monthly data allowance will combine into one big pool, which will be shared by all eligible services on that account. Any unused data in the data pool expires at the end of each billing month.


Data Sharing for business

To get started, choose your plan

1.Mobile plans : by getting a brand new smartphone in your pocket on a plan, or a SIM only plan.
2.Mobile broadband on a plan: Get access to Optus mobile internet on a plan.
3.Tablet on a plan: Treat yourself to a shiny new iPad or tablet on a plan.

How do I keep track of my usage?

We’ll send you usage alerts once you’ve reached approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of your individual or combined shared data inclusions.

And, you can check usage by:

1. Visiting My Account
2. Downloading My Optus app

What is Data Sharing?

Data Sharing is perfect for families and individuals with multiple mobile and mobile broadband services who want to get the most out of their data inclusions. Learn more.

Optus Choice Plus, Optus Choice Plus Data, Optus Plus Family and Optus Plus Kids plans can only share data with each other. Check your CIS document or My Optus app to check your plan.

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