MTN XtraTime:How to borrow Airtime or call credit from MTN

MTN XtraTime:How to borrow Airtime or call credit from MTN

Do you want to learn how to borrow Airtime or call credit to complete that important call. Yes you can  borrow airtime and data from MTN when you run out.There is absolutely no reason to be stranded anymore when making those vital and crucial calls.

The MTN XtraTime allows you to borrow airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and payback on your next recharge. This service  is available to ONLY Prepaid customers that are eligible for the service. You can use the borrowed airtime to make calls or purchase data bundles if you would rather not borrow data directly

You can borrow airtime or data multiple times within your credit limit. You can also borrow airtime and data at the same time but within your credit cannot exceed your credit limit in a month. Note: Your credit limit in a month can either increase or decrease but this is based on your recharge activities in the previous months.

With MTN XtraTime, you will NOT be able to transfer airtime from your XtraTime account via MTN Share ‘n Sell or any other means to another customer’s account.

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What are eligible to borrow  MTN  XtraTime  Airtime ?

You can check if you are eligible for XtraTime service by;

1.Dialling *606#, clicking on ‘My Account’ and selecting ‘1’ to ‘Check eligibility’.
2. Sending SMS keyword: STATUS to 606
3. Dialling 606 then follow the voice prompt to confirm if you are eligible or not.

But To be eligible for MTN BORROW ME DATA service, you MUST:

1.Be a Prepaid customer
2.Have registered your phone number
3.Have been on the MTN network for more than 3 months
4.Have spent at least N200 monthly for 3 months
5.Have between N0 and N75 in your main account
6.Paid-up any outstanding XtraTime loan request

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How to borrow Airtime from MTN

You can either borrow mtn airtime using ussd code or IVR

1. Borrow Airtime via *606# Menu:

to get started with MTN borrowing me Airtime or credit process , just Dial *606# and select XtraTime. After selecting your preferred amount, the system will then send you a message with the amount you are about to borrow and the applicable service fee for you to confirm the transaction.

Kindly confirm your transaction, the system will deduct the service fee, credit your XtraTime account with the remaining airtime balance and send you a successful notification message.
You can then select your preferred amount from the list

2. Borrow Airtime via 606 IVR:

Just dial 606 and the system will play an announcement for you to select your preferred language, either English, Igbo Hausa or Yoruba. Upon selecting your preferred language, you will be required to select either XtraTime or XtraByte.
Once you select XtraTime, the system will then play out all the airtime amount that you can borrow.

Then select your preferred amount from the list. once  confirm your transaction, the system will deduct the service fee, credit your XtraTime account with the remaining airtime balance and send you a successful notification message.

What are the charges for using MTN XtraTime?

You will be charged a service fee of 15% on ALL lending bands. The service charge will be deducted before the airtime loaned is credited into your XtraTime account.

Example :  let assume you request for N100, a service fee of N15 (15% of N100) will be deducted and you will be credited with N85 in your XtraTime account BUT your main account will be debited with N100, i.e. you main account will be in -N100. This implies that you are to pay back N100 on your next recharge.

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How can I check my XtraTime account balance?

You can check your XtraTime account balance in the following ways;

1.From the *606# menu, select ‘My Account’ then select ‘2’ to view your account balance.
2.From 606 IVR menu: Simply dial 606, follow the voice prompt, press 5 and your account balance will be sent to you in an SMS.
3.From SMS: Text Balance to 606

How to view transaction history?

You will be able to view your transaction history by dialling *606#, click on ‘My Account’ and select transaction history

How to borrow data from MTN with USSD in Uganda

In Uganda, a minimum of 15 MB is valid for 24 hours, and a maximum of 1GB is valid for 24 hours. To borrow data:

Dial *146#
You will be provided with loan options based on your credit limit.
Choose a suitable loan option.

How to borrow data from MTN with USSD in South Africa

In South Africa, you can convert MTN XtraTime airtime into data. To do this, dial *136*6# and follow the prompts.

Upon your transaction, MTN will credit your data account. The airtime value will be deducted upon your next recharge

How to borrow data from MTN with USSD in Ghana

1.Dial *506# and select XtraTime.
2.A list of amounts you can borrow will be shown to you. Select your preferred amount.
3.The prompt will ask you to confirm the transaction. Confirm the transaction.


Summary of XtraTime bands:

Lending band Total Spend from previous month Maximum Balance in Main Account (NGN) Airtime Value to be credited to customer Service charge USSD SMS Keyword to 606 Service Fee
N25 NGN 50 – 100 5 21.25 3.75 *606*25# 25 15%
N50 NGN 101- 199.99 12 42.5 7.5 *606*50# 50
N100 NGN 200 – 799.99 12 85 15 *606*100# 100
N200 NGN 800 – 1599.99 20 170 30 *606*200#  200
N400 NGN 1600- 1999.99 40 340 60 *606*400# 400
N500 NGN 2000 – 2999.99 50 425 75 *606*500# 500
N750 NGN 3000 – 5999.99 75 637.5 112.5 *606*750# 750
N1000 NGN 6000 – 7999.99 75 850 150 *606*1000# 1000
N1500 NGN 8000 – 11999.99 1275 225 *606*1500# 1500
N2000 NGN12000 – 14999.99 1700 300 *606*2000# 2000
N3000 NGN15000 – 19999.99 2550 450 *606*3000# 3000
N5000 Above NGN20000 4250 750 *606*5000# 5000