How to borrow data from Glo and borrow for other

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Running out of data can be frustrating, especially when you need it the most. With Glo’s “Borrow Me Data” service, you can borrow internet data and stay connected at all times.You can borrow up to 10GB of data, depending on your previous usage and eligibility.

You can repay the amount with a service charge on your next recharge. The borrowed data can be used for any Glo service like data.

Please note that borrowing data from Glo comes with a service charge, which will be deducted from your next recharge along with the borrowed data. The service charge varies depending on the amount of data borrowed.

Charges for Glo Borrow Me Data

The Glo Borrow Me Data charges 15% transaction fee for borrow me data service.This means that, when you recharge your line, glo will deduct the airtime value of the data and 15% service charge.

How To borrow data

To borrow data from Glo just dial *303# this will provide you with the amounts you are eligible to borrow

2.Then  select 3 to  borrow data


How do I borrow Airtime or Data?

1.You can borrow online or by dialing *303#.

2.The enter 2 to borrow credit

Both methods will provide you with the amounts you qualify for. To get specific denominations use the following short codes:



  • *303*2*25# for N25
  • *303*2*50# for N50,
  • *303*2*100# for N100,
  • *303*2*200# for N200,
  • *303*2*500# for N500
  • *303*2*1000# for N1000
  • *303*2*2000# for N2000



  • *303*3*50# for 35MB,
  • 303*3*100# for 95,
  • 303*3*200# for 200MB,
  • 303*3*500# for 650MB
  • 303*3*1000# for 1.6GB
  • 303*3*2000# for 4,4GB

How to borrow Glo data for others

Glo customers can now Borrow Airtime and Data for Friends and Family with the “Borrow For Others” on the Borrow – Me Credit service.This is a service allows you to request for airtime and data for friends and family when they have run out of airtime or data and you are expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period.

to Borrow Airtime or Data for Friends and Family. Are you out of airtime? Borrow now and pay later by dialing  *303#

Then enter 5  to borrow data for others .

Follow the prompts to confirm the transaction. You can borrow data online on the Glo website


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