How to apply Standard Chartered Bank Business Loan

How to apply Standard Chartered Bank Business Loan

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Do you need a business loan that offers a variety of repayment options that suit your needs? The Standard Chartered Bank has introduced a range of credit facilities for your business expansion.

The Standard Chartered Bank Business Loan provides you access to different loans packages ranges from Trade & Working Capital Solutions,Business Mortgages,Long Term Loans,Wealth Management Overdraft and Smart Business Loan

When you want to launch a new product or enter into a new market after carefully researching you may need to execute them. Then You’ll need to have the right equipment, buy inventory in advance and team to go forth, and a business loan with a flexible tenor is a good way to go about it.

The business loan may help you to improve and expand your marketing strategy. move your business to a new location, improve your business’s cash flow or recruit and hire new talented employees whatever may be your reasons.

Now let take a look at each Business loan offer by Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria

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1. Smart Business Loan

The Standard Chartered Bank smart business loan provided customers with loans amounting up to 20 Million naira for business expansion and it doesn’t require any collateral. This kind of credit facility has Flexible Repayment Options of up to 2years- Both Existing and New Clients can apply (no waiting period)

2. Business Mortgages

This kind of Standard Chartered Bank loan provides the borrower the opportunity to acquire residential, commercial or industrial property. You can get up to 80% of the value of the property with repayment tenure up to 20 years, it has a competitive interest rate compared to other commercial banks in Nigeria.


3. Wealth Management Overdraft

Borrower can get up to $1,000,000 or it equivalent facility without liquidating or losing returns on current investment and it doesn’t require any collateral security aside from your Investment pledged

4. Trade & Working Capital Solutions

The kind of credit facility which includes Overdraft and Trade Services provide your business with Business Working Capital for expansion. It helps you grow your business by leveraging the bank’s extensive international network.

The bank will be able to issue your business a wide range of Bonds to facilitate your contractual obligations, They will also be part of a fund to import content of your business using a wide range of products such as invoice financing and letters of credit and many more business services.

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5. Long Term Loans

The Standard Chartered Bank Long Term Loans are structured forms of borrowing intended to finance specific transactions or assets. It provides lending solutions to address your cash or expansion needs. You could either apply for Short Term Loan ,Medium Term Loan, Structured Form Of Borrowing or Long Term Loan depending on your choice.

How to Apply

To apply for Standard Chartered Bank business loan of your choice, kindly visit any nearest bank to submit your loan application.

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