How TD bank Mobile check deposit work, how to deposit check

How TD bank Mobile check deposit work, how to deposit check

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Do you want to learn how you can deposit your check with TD Bank mobile app without visiting the bank or even remote location? This article will guide you steps by steps How to deposit a cheque online with your mobile device on TD app

The TD bank Mobile Banking is seamless, fast, easy and secure, you can Manage your finances anytime, anywhere, such as bills payment, mobile deposit, cash transfer, and check your account history and many more services.

You can also use your mobile app to track your portfolio, and place trades when and how you want with the industry leader in mobile trading. You can View your deposits, loans, credit card and find the nearest TD Bank or ATM.

The TD Bank Mobile Deposit provides Online or Mobile banking customers to deposit a check through the TD mobile app using your internet-enabled iPhone® or Android™ mobile device, provided your device has a camera.

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TD Bank Mobile Check Deposit process steps by steps

You can deposit your checks quickly using your mobile device all you need is to follow the steps below:

1 Sign up if you have not registered for mobile app banking
2. Login to your TD mobile app Deposit to’ account
4.Input the amount on the check you want to deposit
5.Take a photo of the front and back of the check.
6. Select Continue to complete the deposit

Please note: kindly Write the following 3 things in pen on the back of your check:

1.Your signature
2. The words “For Deposit Only”
3. Your account number

Now select the Back button and take a photo of the back of the check.. You should destroy the check after 14 days.

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Types of check your can’t deposit via TD bank mobile deposit

The following check are not accepted by TD bank:

In United states:

1.Checks that are not payable to you or your joint account holder
2.Checks that have already been deposited
3.Foreign checks (drawn on a bank that is located outside of the United States and/or not payable in U.S. Dollars.

In Canada:

You can only deposit cheques from Canadian financial institutions.

1.CAD checks will require a Canadian dollar account
2.USD chechskwill require a US dollar account

You must have at least one eligible Checking, Savings or Line of Credit Account. A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) are not eligible


When will TD Bank mobile deposit funds be available?

Any check deposited via mobile app will be available in the following business day but any check deposited by weekend or holiday, will be available in one additional business day. Business days are non-holiday weekdays

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