How to change name in Nigeria -steps by steps

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Do you want to change your name and you are searching for guidelines and procedures? Though in Nigeria is legal to change name especially for marital reasons when a woman marries and she decide to start bearing her husband name instead of her dad name or when she is divorce


Change of name in Nigeria is applicable to adult 18+, minor can’t change their name except it done by their parents and guardian also you can’t change your name to commit crime or to escape debit payment , mislead the general public

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You can change your name due to religious purpose, marriage reasons, business transaction or child adoption, If divorced: Divorce papers. For widows: Death Certificate or any reasons best to you. This post will guild you on how you can change your name easily.


We understand in Nigeria when a couple gets married, the wife’s name automatically changes to the Surname of her husband, but there are some instances wherein both the husband and wife will agree to create a new surname through the hybrid of their names and in this instance they will request for a change of name.


Required Documents for change of name

1. Completed application form
2.Sworn and signed affidavit from court
3. Copy of the publication of name change in newspaper
4. Declaration for publishing in the official gazette
5. Passport size photographs (as instructed)
6. Attestation letter
7. Proof/receipt of payment


How to to change your name in Nigeria

1. Affidavit of change of name
2. Publish your name in Nation daily newspaper
3. visit the National Identification Number (NIN)
4. Visit your bank where you register for your Bank Verification Number BVN
5.Also change your name with Inec

1. Affidavit of change of name

To apply for Changing of name kindly visit any nearest High Court or Magistrate Court registry of your choice. to obtain Affidavit  oath of change of name stating the reasons why you are changing your name, verifying the reasons and declaring your new name.

At the court premise ask the typist for assistance “Affidavit letter and format”. If you are married, try and go with your marriage certificate. Then fill in your details and same shall be stamped and signed by the Commissioner of Oath. The charges for Affidavit is NGN 500

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2. Publish your name in Nation daily newspaper

You need to publish your new name and other name with any Nigeria national daily informing the general public that you have officially changed your name.

1.Business Day
2.The Guardian
3.This Day
5.Nigerian Tribune
9.The Sun

You can contact the newspaper by searching for their contact details online. just visit their website and ask for the price for a change of name. My experience with Guardian was so simple and easy. immediately i got their contact from their website i place a call and we conclude every transaction via whats-app such as payment and sending my details the follow day my wife name was published,

3. National Identification Number (NIN) Update

You need to change your name with a National Identification Number (NIN), so visit their office to submit their court Affidavit, newspaper, and marriage certificate if you are married. This will enable you to change your international passport and BVN.


4.  International Passport update


To change your International passport name , you may undergo the following steps:

a. Apply in writing to the Controller General of Nigerian Immigration Service for a change of name, articulating your reasons in this Application.

b. Attach the following to your application: Your Affidavit declaring a change of name, your identity card, and receipt of payment of the requisite charges for your application.

. After this Application is approved, you should submit your current passport, apply for editing your Nigerian International passport attached with two recent passport

d. Pay the standard fee for this purpose online

e. Visit the office for image acquisition, thumbprint, and electronic signature.

f. After completing all these, a new passport reflecting your new name will be assigned to you.


5. Bank Verification Number BVN  Update

You need to visit the bank where you register your BVN submit all the document including your NIN ID card ensure the new name reflect on your NIN ID Card


6. Bank account Update

Once your new name is updated on your BVN ,  ask your bank to apply the new name to your bank account. please go with your marriage certificate, court affidavit, electricity bill and your NIN ID card bearing your new name


7. Voter card Update

You can also update your voter ID Card by visiting INEC office to change your old name to new name. please go with your marriage certificate if you are married, court affidavit, etc.

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