How to apply for Gtbank quickcredit and Salary Advance and Requirements

How to apply for Gtbank quickcredit and Salary Advance and Requirements

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Are you a salary earner searching for quick loan to offset your immediate financial needs? With Gtbank Quick Credit salary earner can now get loan amount up to N5million at an interest rate of 2.0% monthly with No Hidden Charges.

The Guaranty trust bank Quick Credit and Salary Advance  is a time loan accessible to Salary and non- salary account holders. They can get up to 50% of their net monthly salary upfront with Up to 12 months repayment and it has a Credit Insurance Fee of 1% (One-Off Charge) .

Both Guaranty trust bank quick credit and salary advance Salary will be made available within 24 hours and it doesn’t required any security/collateral during your application.

We shall discus how to apply for Gtbank Quick Credit for salary earner or self-employed and requirements, also we shall take a look at Gtbank Salary Advance requirements and application process.


Criterion to access the Gtbank QuickCredit loan

Before you can access Gtbank QuickCredit loan you must fulfil the following requirements

1.Customer must maintain a minimum monthly deposit of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000
2.Borrower must not have any history of dud cheques
3.You must have satisfactory credit reports
4.Applicant must not have any unpaid obligations with Gtbank and other banks
5.You must not be less than 18 years at loan application date and should not be older than 59 years at loan maturity date.

How to apply for Gtbank QuickCredit loan?

Applicant can apply for Gtbank through the following process

1. USSD: You can request for QuickCredit instantly by dialling *737*51*51#
2. Internet Banking: You can login into your onlinr portal to apply for Gtbank QuickCredit
3. Mobile Banking App: You can also apply for Gtbank QuickCredit via mobile app


Gtbank Salary Advance

With Gtbank Salary Advance, you can get up to 50% of your net monthly salary upfront. This kind of credit facility is available to staff of private companies and government agencies with active* salary accounts domiciled in GTBank.

The Gtbank salary Advance loan tenor is 30 days. Renewable monthly and it doesn’t required any collateral during application rather you salary account will serve as your security.
The Minimum salary of N 25,000 for public sector and N 50,000 for private sector required before you can apply.


How to Apply for Gtbank Salary Advance

To apply for Gtbank Salary Advance ,Simply login to Internet Banking to apply or make use of ussd code by Dialing *737*8*2#

Also you can Visit any GTBank branch or ATM near you to apply