How to get quick and urgent online loans in UK

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Are you planning to get a quick and instant loan from United Kingdom lenders that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Most quick small loans in the UK provide excellent Customer Service by spreading your repayments into small manageable ones.

We know that a lot of financial emergencies, that happen to us all, don’t give us time to wait around while we get the money together to put things right. Sometimes you just need cash fast and quick loans online are the only option that can get you the money when it’s needed. Emergency payday loans can help when:

But before you borrow any money from lenders in the UK, you have to understand the monthly repayments that you must make, along with the amount that you are borrowing and the total amount of interest that you will have to pay back.

Please note: Before you apply, please ensure that you can afford to make the repayments principal and interest.

We have compiled List of quick cash loans online to borrow money in the UK

There are several online lenders in the UK that offer quick and urgent loans. Some reputable options include:

1. My Quick Loan

This is also known as quick payday loans borrowed between the amount of £100 to £5,000 and are designed to be repaid within a shorter period between 3 – 36 months, as opposed to traditional loan types.It has a representative APR of 648.6%.

The lender welcomes all credit histories Whether you’ve got good credit or bad credit. They search the UK market to find the lowest interest rates available to you. The software works by passing your application details to a large panel of lenders within seconds.

Quick Loans requirement

To apply for quick online loans with My-Quick Loan you must meet the following basic requirements to get approved;

1. You must be 18 years or over

2. Have a regular source of income

3. Have an active bank account with a debit card

4. Be a UK resident.

If you meet the above criteria, then you can apply for up to £5,000 subject to your circumstances and approval.

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2. Fast loan UK

The Fast loan UK  provides Quick Easy Loans for Everyday Lives including self employed and salary earners as long as you are able to prove your income…. Once all relevant checks have been carried out on your application, you will receive the funds and be able to use them on the same day. Lending decisions are based on many things. The most important being a secure income and the ability to afford the loan repayments in a sustainable manner.

At Fast Loan UK new customers are able to borrow for up to 241 days (8months) and returning trusted customers can borrow for up to 365 days (12 months), but you simply choose how long you would like to borrow and how many repayments you would like to make in that time, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, on a monthly basis, or in one payment.

To qualify for a fastloanuk loan, you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 at the time of applying, be in either part or full time employment, and get paid
regularly. You must also be able to provide bank account and debit card details

How do I pay back my fast loan uk loan?

The vast majority of loan repayments are automatically taken from your bank account on scheduled repayment dates using the continuous payment authority.

Representative example:

Borrow: £500 over 16 weeks. 4 repayments of £183.59. Total amount payable £734.36. Interest rate: 151.4% pa (fixed). Representative 766.18.% APR.

3. Wageme Payday loan

Wageme allows borrowers  to apply for Payday loans,Small Loans,Emergency Loans,No Credit Check Loans cash advances, Short-term loans between £50 to £5,000.The Loan terms are usually a month or less. Installment loans / short-terms advances are greater than a month

Loan Criteria

1. Over 18 years old
3. UK Bank Account
4.Visit our online application page for more info. is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

They have full permission to carry out consumer credit activities, including:
Entering into a regulated credit agreement,
1.Credit Lender,
2.Credit broking,
3.Debt adjusting,
4.Debt collecting,
5.Debt administration

Representative 49.9% APR. Example:

Amount of credit: £1,200 for 18 months at £90.46 per month. Total amount repayable of £1,628.28 Interest: £428.28. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (variable). 49.9% APR Representative. Rates from 45.3% APR to 1721% APR – we provide a no obligation quote, your APR will be based on your personal circumstances. The minimum repayment period for any loan will be 90 days from the date the loan is issued. The maximum repayment period is 3 years.

How to apply for Wageme loan

Looking for Short-term Loans? Payday loans alternatives. Borrow from £50, £100, £250, £500 to £5,000 with flexible repayment options from 1 to 18+ months. Apply online for a decision within minutes. and fill in your information.

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The offers payday loans and multi month loans.One of the main features of a instalment loan is that we are flexible and you have the flexibility to select the date when you want your repayments to start. You can choose the first repayment date to match your exact payday so it does not have to be exactly one month from the date that you apply.

The lender offers instant payday loans from £150 to £300 to all our new customers. For returning customers, they can offer an increased credit limit of up to £750, subject to affordability and creditworthiness assessment of the application.

For multi month loans, they can offer loan amount up to £100 – £300 as a new customer, however this can be increased up to £750 for returning customers;

Qualification criteria for a quick UK loan?

You are welcome to apply for our quick loans if you meet these minimum criteria:

1. You are 18 years +
2. You are in full or part-time employment
3. You have a UK bank account with a linked debit card
4. You are a UK resident
5.You are able to afford the repayments over the term of the loan

Representative Example:

£180 loan for 3 months at a fixed interest rate of 290% pa. Total amount payable is £261.51 in monthly installments of £98.61, £88.60 and £74.30. This is based on the amount of credit plus interest, no other fees apply. Representative 1266.6% APR.

You can also make use of the following online lender to borrow money in UK

5. Satsuma Loans:

Satsuma  offer short-term loans ranging from £100 to £1,000 with flexible repayment options. The application process is done online and funds can be transferred within an hour if approved.

6. QuickQuid:

Quickquid provide short-term loans up to £1,000, and the application can be completed online. If approved, the funds are usually transferred within 10 minutes.

7. Sunny:

Sunny  offer loans of up to £2,500 with a quick online application process. If approved, the funds can be transferred within 15 minutes.

8. Lending Stream:

Lending Stream provide short-term loans ranging from £50 to £1,500. The application is done online, and if approved, the funds are usually transferred within a few hours.

5. swiftmoney
7. cashlady

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