Learn how to register for Ecobank mobile app and Online banking

Learn how to register for Ecobank mobile app and Online banking

Ecobank mobile app and Online banking allows customers to carry out financial transactions using their smartphone. account holders can withdraw cash by generating an e-token via Xpress Cash on the Ecobank Mobile app, which you can redeem at any Ecobank branded ATM or Xpress Agent Point.

The Ecobank Mobile App is a secured, convenient and reliable mobile-based channel used to perform financial transactions on the go by both account holders and non-account holders of the bank. This works with Smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Operating Systems.


Do you want to access your Ecobank account on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home, In this article, you will learn everything about Ecobank online banking,Mobile app including some information on how to register and use the service.

You can perform the following service from your mobile app and online banking

1.Airtime purchase
2.Bill payments
3.Instant transfers
4.Card Services
5. View and request statements
6. Travel ticket purchase
7.LINK your Visa or MasterCard from any bank
8.SEND money to anyone, instantly,in and across 33 African countries
9.GO XPRESS and open an account instantly on your mobile
10.BranchATMPOS Locator etc


Requirements For Ecobank Mobile Banking

1.You must be an ecobank account holder. Be it current or savings account
2.Active phone number and email that to your Ecobank account
3.smart phone ( android, IOS etc)
4.Active debit card


How To Register Ecobank Mobile App Account

1. To enroll for Ecobank Mobile App, download the app From Apple Store (IOS) and Play Store (Android)and proceed to enroll.

2. Input your mobile number
3.select your country and language of choice and accept the terms and conditions
4.Go to the menu and select ‘Open an Xpress Account’ or “Use my Non Ecobank Card
5.Complete registration as prompted

Your Registration is completed as soon as your preferred onboarding credentials (internet banking or debit card) are inputted.


How do I sign up for the Ecobank Mobile App as a non-Ecobank customer?

To sign up for an ecobank mobile app as Non -ecobank customers kindly follow the steps below.

1. Simply download the Ecobank Mobile App from Apple Store, Google Play, Play Store and IOS

2.Input your mobile number, select your country and language of choice and accept the terms and conditions

3. Go to the menu and select ‘Open an Xpress Account’ or “Use my Non Ecobank Card”

4.Complete registration as prompted

Can I use Ecobank Mobile outside my Country?

Yes, the APP relies on having internet access and not location. The user can change to the country of their choice on the settings.

Can I block my Ecobank Debit Card on Ecobank Online?

Yes. You can block and unblock any debit card linked to your Ecobank Account on Ecobank Online

Can I view my credit card statement on Ecobank Online?

Yes. All credit card statements can be viewed on Ecobank Online via the Cards Services menu


How to register for Ecobank Internet banking


To register for Ecobank internet banking Always access Ecobank Online by typing the correct URL (http://www.ecobank.com) into your browser.

2.Choose “prefer country” on the list of countries and ‘Activate an Ecobank Product’ in the list of options.

3. Input your default account number and registered email address

3.You need to create your username and password to enable you to login by visiting the banking hall that is nearest to you.

4. When you receive your login and password, you can finally login to your Internet banking account. To perform your financial transaction.

please note that registering with your account number instead of your debit card will only give you the view only access to Ecobank Online. I.e., you can only view account activities. To enjoy all Ecobank Online services, kindly register with the Debit card option. Debit cards are obtainable at all of our branches.