List of Ghana online loans Money Lending Apps without collateral

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Are you searching for Instant online cash loan apps in Ghana that offer a credit facility in Ghana without collateral or paperwork? If yes, this article will help you reduce the hassle of searching for top-notch loan apps.

This online loan app makes money by providing and earning interest from loans such as business loans, and personal loans. The funds they lend comes from customer deposits and personal cash, They help create capital and liquidity in the market.

Unlike Commercial banks where you will be required to visit their office and be asked to bring collateral, guarantors and do much other paperwork, but online loan apps require registration and confirmation of your information online before the money will be disbursed to you.

After you complete the application form and your loan is approved, your cash will be disbursed straight into your bank account in less than 24 hours.

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Below is a list of online loan apps that offer credit facilities without collateral in Ghana.

1. MTN Qwikloan

This loan package for MTN’s subscribers in collaboration with AFB Bank to provide the best lending service to its users. It offers up to 1,000 GHS with an average rate of 6.9% interest rate. Collateral required for this loan is a frequent use of the MTN Mobile Money and committing to repaying loans on time previously.

There are other requirement for MTN Qwikloan such as

1.Registered on the MTN Mobile Money Service and actively use the Wallet for transactions.
2.You must be 18 years and above before you can qualify for MTN Qwikloan
3.You must be an active MTN Ghana subscriber for not less than 90 days.

However, you may not qualify to apply for Qwikloan if your MTN Mobile Money wallet activity is too low.

How to apply for MTN Qwikloan

To access MTN Qwikloan in Ghana simply Dial *170#
2. Select option “5” for financial services
3. Select “3”
4. for loans Select “1” to register for free or “2” to view the service terms and conditions.

2. MTN Xpress loan

This loan from MTNis is known as MTN Momo account, it offers loans to selected customers and get paid directly to their momo account.The MTN mobile money platform allows momo subscribers access loan through their mobile phone. you can get up to GHC 1000

How to apply for MTN Xpress loan

To access MTN Xpress loan, dial *170# and follow the on-screen prompts
2. Enter option 5 for financial service
3. Input 3 for loan
4. Enter option 2 for Xpress loan
5. input option 1 to get loan
6. Enter your mobile money PIN to submit your loan application.
7.Input your loan amount

Please note: For your MTN Xpress loan repayment, make sure you have the required amount on your due date.

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3. Fido loan

The Fido Micro Credit (FIDO) is a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana and licensed by the Bank of Ghana . Customers can use the loans to grow their small businesses. Loans should not be used for illegal activities

The interest rates for new Fido loan customers start at 14% for 30 days, the interest amount is displayed in the app before applying. Returning customers having a good history of paying your loans with Fido on time get better interest rate on future loans, the lowest interest rate is 8% for 30 days.

First time Fido loan borrowers are eligible for a maximum of 200 GHC to be paid within 10 to 33 days. The loan term must be selected in the app when applying.

Paying your loan on time can get you a higher amount and reduced interest as you climb the ladder up to a maximum of 1000 GHS. FIDO app evaluates each loan application and reserves the right to reject some applications. The decision cannot be reversed and they can only recommend you to apply again after 2 weeks

What are the eligibility requirements for Fido Loan?

To qualify for a FIDO Loan, you need a valid ID and Mobile Money.

1. ID Type: Driver’s License, NHIA Membership, Voter ID, National ID or Passport
2. Mobile Money account: MTN Mobile Money or AirtelTigo Money registered in your name for at least two months.
3. You must be a resident in Ghana over 18 years of age.


4. GTBank Ghana Quickcredit

The Gtbank QuickCredit is a credit facility designed for retail customers for instant access to cash for their pressing needs. customers can borrow up to 100% of their monthly salary at only 18% per annum interest rate and enjoy up to 12 months flexible repayment plan. Simply dial *737*0# to start.

How To Apply for Gtbank Quickcredit

• Dial *737*0#

• Select option 1 (Payday Credit)

• Agree to Terms and Conditions

• Enter amount to borrow

• Enter Tenure (up to 12 months)

• Enter your PIN to confirm transaction

Your funds will be credited to your account instantly in less than 24hrs.

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5.  Skika Master loan

Skika loan is one of the biggest money lending platforms in Ghana where individuals can apply if they ever run into in need of cash.

Skika provides 3 main types of loan currently; Salary advance, Personal loans and the Loyal repeat customer loans. With salary advance loan from skika you can get Up to 100% of your monthly net income while personal loan get Up to 25 times your monthly net

The Loyal repeat customer loans can et Up to GHS 2,000


6. Abba Loan App

Absa Ghana loan is an online loan in Ghana without collateral, part of Absa group Ltd, an African financial services group with a goal to be the pride of the continent.

The loan app offers different types of loans starting from business solution loans, ordinary loan account, commercial asset Finance, enterprise and surprise chain development loan, Employee salary overdraft and School plan which can be applied through their online website.

1. School Plan

A loan product designed to support parents, guardians and individuals at various levels of education to settle their school fees.

2. Scheme Loan

We sign a contract with your company to lend money to you, the employee, which then gets deducted off your salary.

3. Employee Salary Overdraft

An overdraft limit is marked on your salaried account so you can cover those unforeseen expenses.

4. Absa Direct Personal Loan

A personal loan that’s ideal if you need a bit extra to finance a car, buy that house or even further your education.

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7. Barclays Loan App

The financial institution offers instant quick cash loans to all current account Holders.You can download their loan app from playstore and sign up with your correct details.Your loan disbursement with Barclays is subject to approval.

8.Paylater Ghana App Loan

They operate via mobile phones and their loans are accessible through the Paylater Ghana App which can be downloaded from Google play store and you can register an account with them without any hassle.

On the paylater platform, loan decisions are usually reached within 15 seconds, subsequently if approved, the applicant receives funds within 5 minutes.

9. Kiakia Loan App Ghana

Kiakia loan is one of the online loan platforms in Ghana, however, a subsidiary of Sterling bank of Nigeria that provides a straightforward personal loan for unemployed Ghanians at good and affordable interest rate. The Kiakia loan does not require guarantor, collateral or paper work of any kind to access the facility.

10. Zidisha loan

Zidisha loans are focused on supporting SMEs, Zidisha connects individual lenders directly with recipients through a peer-2-peer platform.

11. Orbit Money Lending

Orbit Money Lending is a loan company in Ghana that Offers personal quick individual loans for school fees, rent payment, funeral and Medical expenses.

Orbit money lending seeks to provide quality and timely financial products to clients and assist in the growth and development of the Ghanaian economy, both public and the private sectors.

Loan Application Form for Orbit

To apply for Orbit loan simply copy the url to your browser and complete your application : of Ghana online loans Money Lending Apps without collateral

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