How to transfer money and pay bills through Bank Of America Online banking and mobile App

Bank of America: How to transfer money,pay bills and lock and unlocked debit card

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Financial service rendered by Bank of America is second to None when it comes to funds transfer, bill payment, account opening, checking and savings as well online banking and mobile app.

Bank of America has made it easy to move money between your account and Merrill Edge investment accounts or your accounts at other banks. Customers can easily distribute money across multiple accounts with minimal hassle using online banking and mobile apps on the go.

BOA account holder’s can now Set up automatic transfers from checking to savings, Move funds between business and personal accounts and well Set future-date transfers up to a year in advance.

However,customer’s need to enroll for either online banking or Mobile apps. You can learn how to register for online banking and mobile apps to enable you  deposit checks, transfer money, pay for bills and check statements of accounts without stress.

In this Article, I’m going to discuss  how you can transfer money, pay for bills and Lock or Unlock Debit Card using Bank of America online banking and mobile app


How to transfer money from Bank of America

Bank of America customers can easily transfer money using either Zelle, Online banking and mobile app depending on your choice.

1. Through mobile app with Zelle transfer

To transfer money from Bank of America using zelle, all customers need is their mobile phone number or email address.You can also add recipients from your contacts and request money from multiple people to easily split a bill.

2. Through Mobile banking

You can Make real-time transfers1 between your accounts to save for that special purchase or quickly pay for an unexpected bill. Here are steps that enable transfer money easily using mobile banking:

Please note: Bank of America Mobile Banking requires that you download the Mobile Banking app and is only available for select mobile device


3. Through Online Banking

Bank of America customers can Make real-time transfers between their accounts to save for that special purchase or cover an unexpected expense all from Online Banking by following the steps below.1

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How to Lock or Unlock Debit Card

Bank of America customers can easily Lock or Unlock Debit Cards to prevent unauthorized use when you misplace your card until you find it. Using the Mobile Banking app or Online Banking.

1. Lock or Unlock Debit Card using mobile app

You can block or unlock your debit card when your account is compromised or when you misplace it using a mobile app. here is the steps to follow:

1.. Log in to the Mobile Banking app
2.. Click the Menu button.
3. Choose Manage Debit/Credit Card
4. Select the debit card you wish to lock by swiping left. Once you have selected the right card, click Lock.
5.  Select locked or unlocked card


2. Locking and unlocking a debit card through Online banking

These steps will show you how to lock and unlock your debit card to help prevent unauthorized transactions using online banking.

1.Log in to Online Banking portal :
2. Tap the Accounts tab and select Manage card settings.
3. Your ATM/debit card will automatically appear. Click on Lock your card
4.  Select the Lock card or Unlock card.


How to pay bills from Bank of America

BOA account holders can easily pay bills electronically from their comfort zone such as utilities, cable and phone. You can Set up one-time or recurring payments with Bill Pay once you’re enrolled in Online Banking, you can pay bills using the Mobile Banking app and online banking.


1. Paying bills through Mobile app:

Bank of America has designed simple steps that enable customers to pay bills easily from any location in a single place using a mobile app.

2. Paying bills through Online banking:

Bank of America Online Banking allows you to schedule secure bill payments to individuals or businesses.

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