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All Union bank ussd code for transfer you need to know

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Most union bank customer are often face with different questions like how to enroll for magic ussd mobile banking code,  pay bills, send money to other UBN and Other Bank Accounts, generate a pay-code and PIN for cardless withdrawal transactions, buy Airtime for Self and others on all major networks, check Account Number, Balances, and  update BVN on the go.

For the purpose of this content we are going to discuss all Union bank ussd codes for financial transactions for comfort zones without visiting the banking hall from any location both home and abroad provided their alert number is roaming.

Performing a transaction via union bank *826# is free, seamless and fast, it is also secure because it requires an authentication PIN to complete the transaction. With over 100-year experience a commercial bank in Nigeria–the bank has rolled out a simple and easy registration process for customers .Just dial *826# to register. The registration is only done once you dial the numbers for the first time.

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You don’t need Data to use this service but you will be charged N6.98 by your mobile network service provider to use *826# for transactions. The charge does not include VAT. A fee of N0.52 will be charged as VAT.

The charge does not apply to all USSD transaction types. Airtime and data purchases via *826# are exempt from this charge on USSD platforms

But to avoid N6.98, kindly make use of the UnionMobile app to pay your cable subscription, buy airtime and data, transfer money and do much more, all from the comfort of your home or on-the-go .


How do I enroll/ Register for Union Bank *826#?

To activate or enroll for Union bank ussd code, kindly dial *826# string to get the agreement message again for you to proceed.This must be done from your registered mobile number on the banks system.

Once you dial *826# or any other *826# string, you will be notified of this new charge. You are required to select 826 to proceed. This is a one-off agreement.

How to Transfer money to Union Bank

Union bank account holders can easily transfer money to other union bank by dialing *826*1*Amount*Account No#

{ Example let assume you want to transfer 5000 to your friend bisoye and her account is with union bank, simply dial *826*1*5000*6745235798#

Transfer money to other banks

To transfer money from Union bank to another bank link zenith, Polaris, Gtbank and many more kindly dial *826*2*Amount*Account no#

How to Buy airtime for yourself

To Buy airtime for the phone number that is link to your union bank account, simply dial *826*Amount#

{ Example let’s assume your phone number linked to your account is 09055553115 and you want to buy a recharge card of N1000 , just dial *826*1000#.

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Buy airtime for others

To buy airtime for your family or friends or your other number that is not link to your bank account , dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile No#

{ Example let assume you want to buy N1000 Airtime for Ngozi and her phone number is 08064641345 all you need is to dial *826*1000*08064641345#

How to Check union bank account balance

To check union bank account balance from your phone linked to your account kindly dial *826*4#. once done your account balance history will display on the screen.


Cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw money from Union bank ATM with debit card

1. To withdraw money from a union bank ATM without a debit card, customers need to dial *826*7*amount#. Once done the bank will send you code for the amount you requested for
2. Then visit any union bank or ATM Machine that has a paycode that is cardless enable
3. touch any key and input your code and follow the onscreen message to get your cash.

How to Block your Union bank account

Union bank customers can easily block their account in two methods when their account is compromised, misplace ATM card / phone.

1. Block the union bank account from your phone number by dialing *826*6#
2. Block your account from other phone numbers by dialing *826*6*mobile number#

Card management (block and unblock card)

To block Union bank debit card and unblocked card imply dial *826*21#

How to Request  unuin bank loan

You can apply for union bank payday loan or salary advance a loyal customer simply dial *826*41#

Data purchase

To buy data direct from your union bank account , simply dial *826*9#

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How to increase union bank withdrawal limit

To increase your Union bank withdrawal limit simply dial *826*8#


Pay merchants (mCash) *826*22*merchantcode*amount#

Request a debit card

To request for a Union bank ATM debit card without visiting the banking hall simply dial *826*21#.

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