How to buy Ikeja Electric energy tokens and Apply for Prepaid Meter

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In today’s modern world, living without electricity is unimaginable. It powers our homes, fuels our appliances, and keeps our lives running smoothly. However, keeping up with electricity bills and managing energy consumption can sometimes be confusing or even overwhelming.

To pay your electricity bills from Ikeja Electric, you can follow the steps below:

1. Paying Electricity Bills:
a. Visit the official website of Ikeja Electric ( register
b. Look for the Payment or Bill Payment section on the homepage or navigate to the Pay Bills page.
c. Select the option for Electricity Bill Payment or Pay Ikeja Electric Bill.
d. Enter your customer account number and other required details.
e. Choose your preferred payment method, such as online banking, debit card, credit card, or any other available option.
f. Enter the payment amount and review the details before proceeding to make the payment.
g. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment transaction.
h. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message or receipt.


Direct Agents

1.POS (cash and debit cards)
2.Baxibox – (cash only)
3. Pawakad (cash only)


1. Bank Branches – NIBBS (E-bills pay) or Interswitch (Paydirect)
2. Vending Cashiers – IE Business Units (debit cards)


Self-Service Channels

1. Ikeja Electric Payment Portal – (debit cards)
2. Quickteller – (debit cards)
3 Internet Banking – Available via all banks’ online channels
4 Banks’ mobile apps – Available via all banks’ apps
5 USSD – *565*6*0013*MeterNo/AccountNo/Amount#
6 POS – IE Offices (debit cards)
7 IE Vouchers/Scratch Cards – pay by sending RCMeterNoPIN (prepaid) or RCAccountNoPIN (Postpaid)
as sms to 20052 or through web –
9.Monie point


Kindly visit or download the App and follow the below steps:

  • Click on the pay bill modules.
  • Select utilities and select your designated disco (Ikeja electric)
  • Select payment (postpaid or prepaid)
  • Confirm payment and click submit


  • Open the mobile banking app
  • Select payments
  • Select Electricity payment
  • Fill the blank fields (Selecting IKEDC)
  • Confirm details and proceed.

Tokens will be sent to mobile number filled


  • Slot in your card
  • Select the Ikeja electric option
  • Select your name and press enter
  • Input your mobile number (Number registered on the meter)
  • Select token amount to be purchased
  • Remove your smart card and input your Atm card
  • Input your Atm pin
  • Re-insert the smart card (if Atm deduction shows approved)
  • Print out your receipt


After slotting in your card:

  • Click on quick teller
  • Select bill payments/ utilities
  • Select electricity bill payment
  • Select Ikeja electric
  • Select mode of payment (Postpaid / prepaid)
  • Input the necessary details (Meter/account number, telephone number for token to be sent)
  • Select proceed.

Tokens are either printed on the receipt or sent via sms.


Customers are advised to visit any authorized POS merchant and request to either make bill payment or make recharge for loading of their prepaid meter. Customers will be needing

  • Prepaid meter/account number
  • Valid mobile number
  • Email address

How to Apply for Prepaid meter

If you are a postpaid customer who receives estimated bills or a prepaid customer in need of a meter, it’s time to consider applying for one. Ikeja Electricity offers a simple process for meter application, which involves filling out an application form and providing necessary supporting documents.

Ensure you have a valid proof of identification, proof of address, and your most recent electricity bill handy. Follow the application guidelines provided by Ikeja Electricity and submit the required documents accordingly.

Applying for a Meter:

a. Visit the official website of Ikeja Electric ( and register  for online
b. Look for the Services or Meter Services section on the homepage or navigate to the Meter Application page.
c. Select the option for Meter Application or Apply for a Meter.
d. Fill in the required information, including your name, address, phone number, customer account number, and any other details requested.

e. Follow the instructions provided and provide any necessary documents or proofs as requested.
f. Submit the application form and wait for further communication from Ikeja Electric regarding your meter application.
g. You may be required to make a payment or follow additional steps as guided by Ikeja Electric during the application process.
h. Once your meter application is processed and approved, Ikeja Electric will install the meter at your premises

For further information, kindly call 01-7000250, 01-2272940 or send an email to


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