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10 Largest and Popular credit unions in United States

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Currently united states have more than 6,000 credit unions with higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees. Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that exist to serve their members. They encourage members to save money and offer loans to members.

purpose of a Credit Union

1. To promote financial well-being within the local area by providing access to affordable 2. savings and loan products
3. To create a source of credit facilities for the benefit of its members at a fair and reasonable interest rate
4. To use and control members’ funds for the mutual benefit of all members

For the purpose of this content will shall taken a look at 10 Biggest Credit Unions in united states of America

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1. Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union provide customers with Mobile and Online Banking which allow them Manage their Money like Mobile Deposits of Checks From Anywhere, Anytime , Rates & Loans, Transfers and Bill Pay.

To be a member of the credit union, you must be a veteran, have current ties to the armed forces, Department of Defense, or National Guard, or have an immediate family member who has a membership with Navy Federal.

1. Navy Federal Credit Union provides members with Personal Expense Loan from $250 to $50,000 loan amounts

2. Home Improvement Loan ranging from $25,000 minimum loan amount for 61 to 84 months and $30,000 minimum loan amount for 85 to 180 months Home Improvement Loan Student Loans

3. Debt Consolidation Loan: $250 to $50,000 loan amounts from 37 to 60 mos. 14.79-18.00%

4. Savings Secured Loan of $25,000 minimum loan amount for 61 to 84 months and $30,000 minimum loan amount for 85 to 180 months

5, Certificate Secured Loan: Borrow 100% of their certificate’s principal balance for a variety of terms at 2.00% APR above the certificate’s rate.

6. Savings Secured Loan:$25,000 minimum loan amount for 61 to 84 months and $30,000 minimum loan amount for 85 to 180 months

7. Student Loans & Refinancing


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2. State Employees’ Credit Union

State Employees’ Credit Union provides service to North Carolina employees, their families and our community.They also offers a wealth of different services such as Summer Cash Account,Youth Saving Challenge , Insurance Products and mortgage options for borrowers, depending on their situation

3. Pentagon Federal Credit Union

The PenFed credit union offers members rewards on everyday purchases and lower interest debt. There loan package includes, Personal Loan, Car loan,insurance .

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, or PenFed, offers a modest banking product selection for military-affiliated members and others.There mobile banking app also offers a broad spectrum of services, including virtual deposits.

4. Boeing Employees Credit Union

BECU offers personal loans that come with no application fees. Boeing’s mobile banking system is available on most platforms and comes with a host of features. Boeing Employees Credit Union also offers Investment Services & Portfolio Management, Accounting & Financial Services, Retail & Commercial Banking.

5. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union provides financial solutions such as loans, investment, savings, credit and debit cards, online banking, and other related services.The credit union serves communities in the State of California.

SFFCU makes personal loans available to its members at A 0.75% discount is applied to payments made through automatic transfer.

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6. First Technology Federal Credit Union

First Tech Federal Credit Union offers members digital banking which come along with mobile and online banking.The service also include emergency loans, and different payment options for low-income borrowers.

First Tech offers a great checking account with no monthly fees and a top interest rate of 1.00%. It’s headquartered in California, anyone can apply for membership….First Tech Federal Credit Union includes Addison Avenue Investment Services. First Tech Insurance Services is the business name of Addison Avenue Financial Partners, LLC.

First Tech account product includes:

. Carefree Savings account, a minimum opening balance of 1 cent and no monthly with a minimum balance of $5 but has no monthly maintenance fee and an APY of 0.05%.

. Dividend Rewards Checking: Apart from saving, they also offer checking accounts known as Carefree Checking and an HSA Checking option, for people who want an easy way to pay for medical expenses

. First Tech’s certificates: rates is higher than national averages and minimum deposit requirement is higher than that of some of other certificate and certificate of deposit providers.

7. Golden 1 Credit Union

Golden 1 Credit Union is base in Sacramento and it offers personal loans with a 7.70% APR for qualified borrowers and personal lines of credit.They also have good online and mobile banking platform that allow customers pay bills and transfer money.

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8. Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union mobile banking is Seamless money management hich enable customers Deposit checks,Make payments,Manage credit and debit cards.

The Chicago base credit union have high-quality savings accounts also also offers its members personal loans that can be used to consolidate debt or for home expenses and emergencies.

9. America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union is Utah-based financial institution offers relief loans to members and has a program that will allow people to skip payments.The online and mobile banking allow users to do everything from transfer money, see pending transactions and even apply for loans.

10. Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is a Credit Unions base in Florida offer lower rates on loans, higher earnings on deposits and more free services so you can live your best life. They also offer serious savings and better deals across the board – on everything from auto loans to credit cards and mortgages.

Suncoast’s mobile app includes “Pay a Person,” which allows members to send money to anyone, regardless of financial institution.

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