Type of Accion Microfinance Bank Loan and requirements

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Do you want to learn types of Accion Microfinance Bank Loan and requirements?-  Accion MFB , Nigeria forest most  microfinance bank has unveiled their various loan package which include: My Own Loan,Brighta Loan, SME Capital Loan,My School Plus Loan,My SME Education Loan and more other loan facility.

The financial institution is committed in Building A Bright Future in the  Nigeria  business environment and  empowerment of  micro-entrepreneurs  as well as  low income earners by providing financial services  that sustainable, ethical and profitable manner.

This article is designed to answer all Loan facility offer by Accion Microfinance Bank In Nigeria, requirements and how to apply for it.

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Type of Accion Microfinance Loan?


1.My Own Loan

This  loan facility help to scale up business owners who seek for more working capital  to scale up business expansion and capital inflow.The term loan serve as a working capital for day-today business activities.

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2. Brighta Loan

The loan facility package offer business owners the opportunity to borrow funds instantly between N50,000 to N150,000 and pay back within 1 to 3 months at 8% interest rate monthly to grow and boost your business.

Entrepreneur in the Health care, Fashion & personal care sector, a food and drinks retailer or a Trader can access this loan facility.


1.Customers should not have a running loan with Accion MfB
2.Customer must have BVN to enable them apply for the facility.

3. SME Capital Loan

The loan facility serve as Working capital and asset loan for SME operators.It help to boost and expand your small and medium enterprise .

What is the Features & Benefits of Accion MFB SME Capital Loan?

1. monthly Repayment Plan.
2.Competitive Interest Rate.
3.Opportunity to grow business with Accion MfB.
4.Opportunity of higher loan amount based on repayment performance record.

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4. My School Plus Loan

This loan package serves as both working capital and asset development for private schools for expansion and growth.

Borrower can access loan up to N5,000,000.00 with interest rate.(9% per annum).The facility Tenure is up to 1 year for repayment.

Other commitment are: Insurance on loan of 1% and Commitment fee of 1% and borrower can only access 40% of loan request for school plus while 60% must come from school extra


1.Account opening and proper documentation required
2.Proof of school ownership/existence
3.Proof of business viability
4.Proof of school existence for at least 1 year
5.School must be willing to have business account with Accion MfB

5. My SME Education Loan

The loan facility is designed for SME operator in the education sector to scale up business in terms of working capital and purchase of assets.

Features & Benefits

1.Working capital and asset loan for schools.
2.Quarterly repayment plan.
3.Competitive interest rate.
4.Easy loan procedure.
5.Opportunity to grow your educational business with Accion MfB.


6. My Own Home Loan

The home loan package enable individual own their dream house, School, business outfit.


1.Proof of Ownership of an unencumbered landed property with valid documentation
2.Micro entrepreneurs with minimum 12 months? experience and generates daily or weekly cash sales turnover
3.Operate for a minimum of 6 months in the same location (permanent shops are preferable)
4.Meet all documentation and information ? related requirements to Accion MfB

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7. My Own Asset Loan

You can make use of this loan package to Furnish home and office space with appliances of your choice with Asset loan offer.

8. My Annuity Loan

The loan facility is offer specifically for pensioners who are in need of working capital loans to assist them in post-retirement businesses.


1.Must be retired and on monthly pension
2.Client must be earning at least N16,000.00 monthly
3.Meet all documentation and information related requirements to Accion MfB
4.Client to authorize PFA to make monthly annuity into client’s account with Accion
5.Repayment of loan debited from client’s monthly annuity payments

9. Brighta Solar Loan

Accion MfB customers can now apply for Solar Loan to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Features & Benefits

1.Easy Loan procedure.
2.Affordable and convenient loans.
3.Competitive interest rate.
4.Option to select from a variety of solar power providers.
5.Steady power supply.
6.One year warranty for solar hardware.
7.After sale support services.


How to apply for Accion Microfinance loan

To apply for any loan of your choice as listed above kindly visit Accion MFB branch office.  Also you can make use of their mobile app by downloading from Google play-store or Apple-store. then register with your account details

1.On the menu option, click on Loans
2. Go to New Loan
3. Fill in the fields required.
4. Fill in the loan amount (please note that the minimum loan amount is N50,000.00 and the maximum loan amount is N150,000.00)
5. Click on submit.

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