Access Bank SwiftPay: How to register and use it on social media payment platforms to merchants

In renewing financial commitment providing the much-needed technological support to SMEs , Access Bank has again taken a bold step towards driving value-added digital banking solutions in Nigeria by unveiling SWIFTPAY, a digital payment service on social media platforms to merchants.

Access bank SWIFTPAY enable customers make quick, easy and secure payment via social media platforms to merchants.This product is part of the Bank’s commitment to support SMEs to meet their business objectives

The new service comes in form of a payment link that can be hosted on merchants’ social media pages and sent to anyone to pay and conclude business transactions. It is easy and takes less than 5 minutes for interested merchants to sign up as it is convenient and time saving for everyone.”

The SWIFTPAY is free and the processing charge is discounted up to 15 per cent to ensure merchants keep most of their earnings it also carries a ‘verified by access ‘ stamp to authenticate the page giving customers confidence when they transact

What is Access Bank SwiftPay?

Acess Bank SwiftPay is a digital payment service that facilitates receipt of business payments by enabling customers make quick, easy and secure digital payments on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Access Bank SwiftPay: How to register and use it on social media payment platforms to merchants

Reasons why Access bank customers should get on-board SwiftPay?

1.This service is verified by Access Bank and will give your business credibility while giving your customers comfort when transacting with you.

2. You no longer have to worry about sales reporting as this is readily available on the SwiftPay dashboard.

3. Get rid of fraudsters trying to impersonate or discredit your business and leave the DM for managing customer service.

How to register for Access Bank SwiftPay

Interested Access bank customers should kindly copy this link to sign up :

2. input your access bank account number
3. store or business name
4. Business type
5. username and password
6. Click register to create SwiftPay.



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