PayVIS: New Lagos State platform for paying traffic offence penalties

Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service VIO has has launched PayVIS, an initiative number plate detection platform that captures vehicle offenders when they violate traffic laws and then bills them.

This was designed to maintain sanity on various roads and highways, thereby ensuring that all vehicle plying such road are roadworthy.

The vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) is a directorate in the Ministry of Transportation. The service is established to inspect, control regulate and enforce the roadworthiness of motor vehicles in the state.

LASG VIS’s PlateDetect ensures that all vehicle documentation (vehicle license, Insurance policy, Roadworthiness certificate, Driver’s license, Hackney permit (Commercial vehicles only), Lagos State Drivers’ Institute card (Commercial vehicles) can be verified and tickets raised for violators.”

Many traffic offenders in Lagos State remain in default of paying their traffic offence penalties. The LASG is therefore currently putting in place advanced technology that will collate and publish the list of offenders and deploy appropriate sanctions.

Check the portal to see if your vehicle is listed. All of this is geared towards not only ensuring safer & saner roads but a greater, better, more desirable Lagos for us all.

How to Pay Your Bill

1.Please Present your vehicle plate number in the “Plate Number” or,
2.Present your Bill Number in the “Bill Number” field
3.Confirm the transaction and pay with your
ATM Card
Bank Account or,
Note your payment reference received to reprint your Payment confirmation



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