New modalities for SIM card replacement in Nigeria by telecom subscribers

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Nigeria Government has announced that Telecom subscribers who would love to replace their SIM will have to present the National Identification Numbers in order to prevent unauthorised replacements of SIMs.

The Guidelines is apply to all Network Service Providers that provide service using SIMs and R-UIMs. The SIM must have been registered in accordance with the Registration of  Telephone Subscribers Regulations issued by the Commission.

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The policy is part of the Federal Government’s efforts to ease the burden on subscribers and simplify the exercise. It is aimed at enabling telecommunications service users who need to replace their damaged, stolen or misplaced SIMs to re-establish access to telecom services.

The subscriber requesting for the replacement must provide the following:

a. Information about the three (3) most frequently called numbers from
that SIM which must be verified by the Network Service Provider.

The frequently called numbers must have been dialed at least five
times over a 30 days period.

b. Where the SIM to be replaced is a data SIM, the subscriber will be
required to provide any two of the following:

1. Last recharge amount and date

2. Name of internet bundle value activated and data allowance

3. Last three (3) sites visited.

4. An affidavit signed by the subscriber and a passport photograph of the subscriber where the replacement is to be done by a proxy.
5. Details of the last recharge on the SIM.

6. Details of the last paid invoice for post-paid subscribers.
7 The SIM must be active on the network of the operator.

8 A person requesting a replacement must fill a Standard Form as provided
in the Schedule to these Guidelines for SIM Replacement.

9 A valid photo identification of the Subscriber must be provided.
10. SIM pack or other evidence of direct purchase/ownership of the SIM
must be provided and where it is unavailable, an affidavit attesting is needed by ownership and loss of the SIM must be provided.

11.e Network Service Provider must capture a facial image of the subscriber
which must be kept for twelve (12) months.

12.l completed SIM Replacement Forms and other requirements as stated
in these Guidelines must be verified and approved by the Network Service
Provider before carrying out the SIM Replacement.

13.on satisfactory receipt of validated information the Network Service
Provider may execute the replacement and provide the person requesting
the replacement with a new SIM.

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The subscriber swill also  provide the following:

a. Full Names:
b. Mother’s Maiden Name:
c. Gender:
d. Date of Birth:
e. Residential Address:
f. Nationality:
g. State of Origin:
h. Occupation:
i. Phone number

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