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How to Register for Union Bank internet banking and Mobile app

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Union Bank offers convenient and accessible internet banking and mobile app services for its customers, allowing them to manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and more from the comfort of their own home.

With the increasing reliance on digital platforms for banking transactions, Union Bank’s online services provide a secure and efficient way to access account information, make payments. This article will guide you through the process of registering for Union Bank internet banking and the Mobile app,

It will also highlight step-by-step instructions,  features, benefits, tips to ensure a smooth and secure banking experience.

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Features and benefits of union bank internet banking and mobile app

Here’s a breakdown of the features and benefits of Union Bank’s internet banking (UnionOnline) and mobile app (UnionMobile):


  • Account Management:
    • Check balances across checking, savings, and other accounts.
    • View comprehensive transaction histories.
    • Download bank statements.
  • Transfers:
    • Send funds between your own Union Bank accounts.
    • Transfer to other Union Bank customers.
    • Transfer to accounts at other banks in Nigeria.
  • Bill Payments:
    • Pay utility bills (electricity, cable, water, etc.).
    • School fees and exam payments.
    • Airtime and data purchases.
  • Additional Services:
    • Open new accounts online
    • Request a checkbook.
    • Manage debit cards (block/unblock, set limits, report as lost or stolen).
    • Get flight, hotel, and car rental deals.
    • ATM/Branch locator.


  • 24/7 Convenience: Access your banking needs anytime, anywhere without visiting a branch.
  • Saves Time: Perform transactions quickly and easily compared to in-person banking.
  • Secure: Union Bank employs security measures to protect your account information.
  • Easy Bill Payments: Conveniently pay bills from within the platform, eliminating the need to visit different payment centers.
  • Streamlined Services: Access additional services like opening accounts, card management, and booking travel.

Specific to UnionMobile App:

  • Fingerprint/Facial Recognition Login: More secure and convenient login option.
  • QR Code Payments: Make payments by scanning QR codes.
  • Locate ATMs/Branches: Easily find the nearest Union Bank locations

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How To Enroll For Union Bank Online Banking

The registration process for online banking can be done in two process, self-registration or visit any branch to enroll .


1.Visit www.unionbankng.com from your browser
3.Click Not Enrolled? Sign up now!
4.Input account number and click continue
5.Enter One Time Password (OTP) received via SMS
6.Choose username and password, confirm details and click submit
7.Login with your username and password

Branch Registration:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register for Union Bank Online Banking at a branch:

  1. Visit Your Union Bank Branch: Locate your nearest Union Bank branch.
  2. Approach Customer Service representative, stating your intention to register for UnionOnline (internet banking).
  3. Be prepared to present the following:
    • Valid Government-Issued ID: Passport, driver’s license, national ID card, etc.
    • Union Bank Account Number: You’ll need this to link your account to your online banking profile.
    • Phone number and email: Ensure these are the current contact details registered with your account.
  4. Complete Registration Form: The customer service representative may provide a registration form for you to fill out. Provide your personal details, account information, and potentially answer security questions.
  5. Create Login Credentials: You might be asked to choose a User ID and password on the spot. If not, the process for setting up your login details will vary:
    • Immediate Credentials: Some branches may provide your login details immediately after the registration process.
    • Login Details Sent Later: You may receive your User ID and password via the email address linked to your account .

Important to Remember:

  • Carry your Identification: Ensure your ID card is current and valid.
  • Up-to-date Contact Details: If your phone number or email associated with your bank account has changed, update it with the bank before attempting to register.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to clarify any doubts with the customer service representative.

After successful registration, you can then log in to UnionOnline through the Union Bank website or mobile app to start enjoying the benefits of online banking!

What are the types of transactions that can be perform on the UnionOnline platform?


UnionOnline, Union Bank’s internet banking platform, allows you to perform a variety of transactions conveniently and securely. Here’s a breakdown of the typical transaction types available:

Account Management:

  • View Balances: Check your account balances in real-time for checking, savings, and other accounts you hold with Union Bank.
  • Transaction History: Access detailed records of your past transactions, allowing you to monitor your spending and income.
  • Download Statements: Download your bank statements in PDF or CSV format for convenient record-keeping.


  • Internal Transfers: Move money between your own Union Bank accounts with ease.
  • Transfers to Other Union Bank Customers: Send funds to other Union Bank account holders quickly and securely.
  • External Transfers: Initiate transfers to accounts held at other banks in Nigeria.

Bill Payments:

  • Utility Bills: Pay your electricity, water, cable TV, and other utility bills directly through UnionOnline, eliminating the need to visit different payment locations.
  • Other Bill Payments: You might be able to pay school fees, exam fees, subscriptions, and other bills depending on available options.
  • Airtime & Data Top-up: Conveniently recharge your phone or purchase data plans for yourself or others.

Additional Services

  • Open New Accounts: Potentially open new Union Bank accounts directly through the online platform.
  • Request a Checkbook: Submit a request to receive a new checkbook by mail.
  • Manage Debit Cards: Block, unblock, or set spending limits on your Union Bank debit cards for enhanced security.
  • Book Travel: Explore and potentially book flights, hotels, and car rentals through partnered services within UnionOnline.
  • ATM/Branch Locator: Find the nearest Union Bank ATMs or branches for your convenience.

How to enroll for UnionMobile App

With Union bank Mobile App, you can now spend less time banking and more time doing the things you love.

New user registration process for mobile app

1.Download the new UnionMobile App and accept the Terms and Conditions
2.Enter account number (OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number with the bank)
3.Enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number
4.Choose username and password
5.Choose a new password and transaction PIN then submit
6.Return to home page and Log in

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1.Download the new UnionMobile App
2.Sign in with your UnionOnline username and password
3.Enter account number and submit (a One Time Passcode will be sent to your registered phone number)
4.Enter OTP
5.Create Transaction Pin
6.You are successfully registered, go to home page and login

You can also make use of ussd code to enrol for union mobile app by Dial *826# on the mobile number linked to your Union Bank account . Select “1” to activate UnionMobile and follow the options.


Q: How can I pay electricity, cable TV bills & other bills using mobile app

A: 1.Login on the UnionMobile App
2.Click on pay bills
3.Scroll down to select bills category
4.Select Discos for both prepaid and postpaid PHCN payments
5.Input your meter no and amount
6.Click continue
7.Input your PIN and click submit


Q:How can I withdraw cash without my debit card using mobile app?

A: Withdraw cash from the ATM without your debit card in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 – Generate the code with USSD or the Mobile App


Dial *826*7*amount#
Input your PIN and submit
You will receive an SMS with the Pay code and a one time password
On the Mobile app

After login, click on Cardless withdrawal
Adjust the + sign to desired amount
Input PIN and click on generate token
You will receive an SMS with the Pay code and a one time password

Step 2 – Withdraw on the ATM

Tap any key on the ATM to enter Cardless mode
input pay code sent via SMS
Input OTP sent via SMS
Input amount and submit
ATM dispenses the cash

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Q: How To Check Your Union bank Account Balance

A: 1.Login into your Account.
2.Click on Accounts.
3.Select my Accounts.
4.Click on “Balance Enquiry” and your Account Balance would be displayed to you.


Q: How do I change my union bank password?

A: 1 To check Union bank password just Login with your Credentials
2.Visit the UnionOnline page
3. Go to Settings
4. Click on Change Password
5.Enter your Old Password
6.New Password
7. Confirm New Password
8.Enter Token

Q: How to reset UnionOnline security word?

A: Customer will have to follow steps below

1.Click on setting
2.Click on reset security word
3.Type in a new security word, do same on the confirmation field
4.Generate an OTP from your hard/software token and impute it in the token field
5.Click on submit

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