Meet Genius boy, Caleb Anderson 12, who starts second year of university vows to work with Elon Musk

United states-  12 years  -old boy ,Caleb Anderson has started his second year at Chattahoochee Technical College in the United states as he set to get an aerospace engineering degree in two years. Caleb is set to graduate at the age of 14.

The brainy youngster, of Marietta, Georgia hopes Elon Musk will make him an astronau.
Now he hopes to join the Georgia Institute of Technology or the Massachusetts Institute for Technology to get an internship with Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Caleb was just 9-months old when he learned to sign more than 250 words. He eventually learned to speak and read when he turned 11-months old. Aside from the English language, he also learned Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

He was able to solve maths problems by his second birthday and joined MENSA – a club for people whose IQ scores are in the top 2% – aged three.

Caleb’s parents, Claire and Kobi, knew he was special and has been very supportive of him ever since.

Caleb’s dad, Kobi, told WKYC: “As we started to interact with other parents, and had other children, then we started to realise how exceptional this experience was, because we had no other frame of reference.

Caleb has 2 other younger siblings, Aaron and Hannah, who are also gifted. Their parents are all proud of them and encourage other parents to nurture their children’s potential.

Meet Genius boy, Caleb Anderson 12, who starts second year of university as he vows to work with Elon Musk,

“I just grasp information quickly. So, if I learn quicker, then I get ahead faster.”The 12 years old boy told CBC News: “I’m not really smart.

“When I was like 1, I always wanted to go to space.”I figured that aerospace engineering would be the best path.”

“I have this distinct memory of going to a first-grade class and learning there, and everyone was way taller than me, because, you know, I was two.

“I could barely walk!”

Caleb’s mother, Claire, hopes her son’s example can show other African-American parents that their child can be just as special.

She said: “I think people have a negative perspective when it comes to African-American boys. “There are many other Calebs out there. African-American boys like him.


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