Senator Remi Tinubu explain How she became Born-Again christian in USA

The wife of APC Chieftain Bola Tinubu, explain how she became a born-again Christian while she was in exile in the United States.

Oluremi Tinubu, Senator representing Lagos central, who clock 60 on September 21 in an interview with Television Continental, Tinubu, said the trauma of being alone in the US, with little kids and without her husband, led her to Christ.

“I went into exile as an Anglican, came out as a Pentecostal. I remember I was looking for God from one church to another, it was very difficult. When I came back, l had amnesia, I lost my memory, it was traumatic for me and that’s why I don’t like attending social gatherings because people walk up to me and I don’t recognise them anymore.

Oluremi Tinubu said, when she became the first lady of Lagos at a young age, she knew she had to seek God’s guidance to handle the responsibilities that came with the position.

“Like I said, if you get into a position you never envisage in your life time that you will ever occupy, you believe it is a privilege and God must have made you to become that. So you have to go back to God and ask ‘how do I do this,” she said.

“Thank God before I became the first lady, we were in self exile for almost five years and when you have problem, the only person you run to is God. So while I was in the US, I went to church, that was when I became born again.


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