Increase Traffic: How to Get Your Website Added to Google News

Most website Publishers are searching for best ways to increase their site traffic especially if you are ad-sense publisher who intend to increase earning,  Google News is the answer.

One thing that is vital when it come to adsense earning is quality traffic with good niches since google news is additional source of website traffic for news media.

In our today article we are going to walk you through on how to get approved on google new, you will learn Google requirements and things to put in place before applying.


Publishers need to produce high-quality content and comply with Google News content policies which include the following:

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1..Original content

The search engine always appreciate creating independent and original news from the latest events and in unique language, containing a significant source of fresh, original and purposeful content.

Copyrighted content

Google doesn’t like content that infringes someone’s intellectual property rights. Repeated infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, will result in account termination.


To make your content created for Google news always provide; dates, bylines, information about authors, the publication, the publisher, company or network behind it, and contact information.Visitors to your site want to trust and understand who publishes it and information about those who have written articles,

Sexually explicit content

Google do not allow content that features explicit sexual imagery primarily intended to cause sexual arousal.

Hateful content

Google do not allow content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

For more details read on Content policies

2. Webmaster guideline

i.Use permanent and unique URLs for every article on your website.

ii.Use a robots.txt file and meta tags to direct how the Google News bot crawls your content.

iii.Use HTML for website content and article links, so that crawlers can see them. Non-HTML content cannot be crawled.

iv. Decrypt media content (video, audio, etc.) for crawlers, and add a text description of it.
v. Submit a Google News Sitemap in the Search Console after your website is approved by the Google News team.

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Other Checklist

1. Site’s age must be minimum 3 months or Older

2. Article Frequency minimum 3 articles a day

3. 500+ posts would be a good count.

4. Can run it on blogger but I would suggest self-hosted WordPress only.

5. You can if you have permission from another website from where you are copying.

6. Articles with Good Grammar & Articles that match’s Journalism standards
7.Make sure your website is loading fast within 3 seconds
8.Good Theme  with Mobile friendly
9.Fewer Ads
10.Contact Us Physical Address
11.About Us About Us page with multiple authors
12. Privacy Policy

Other to check

#1 – Original content

#2 – Daily Update

#3 – Response time (website speed)

#4 – Proper Attribution

#5 – Multiple Authors

#6 – Tweak Your Design

#7 – Article Format: Each article format should have a proper title, author name, publication date and time (optional) and a minimum of 250-300 words in the article body.

How To Submit Your Website

Publisher can submit website to Google News on the following ways.

Google News Publisher,

Google News Producer.

To apply for your website to be included in Google News:

1.Go to Google News Publisher Center.
2.Verify your website ownership in the Search Console.
3.Send your request for inclusion.
4.Add site details and update news section URLs.
5.Click ‘Submit’.

Then Google team will review your request within a few weeks. You will receive an answer in your News Publisher account if you meet requirement and standard.