Forbes World’s Highest Paid Musicians “Kanye West tops the list

The billionaire rapper, 42,Kanye West has been named by forbes as the world highest-paid musician, as well as the second-highest-paid celebrity overall.

The report was forbes 2020 edition of its annual Celebrity 100 list revealed that West made $170 million in 2020 ranks at number two, behind sister-in-law Kylie Jenner.

According to forbes, West is now officially worth $1.3 billion.

The next artist on the list is Elton John (No. 14 with $81 million in yearly earnings), followed closely by Ariana Grande at No. 17 ($72 million) and the Jonas Brothers at No. 20 ($68.5 million).

The American electronic DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers, took the fifth spot earning $68 million.

Others who made the top 10 highest-paid musicians are Ed Sheeran $64 million, Taylor Swift $63.5 million, Post Malone $60 million, Rolling Stones $59 million and Marshmello $56 million.

But months ago Kanye slammed Forbes because he was left unhappy with their research and findings – stating that he believes his net worth to be around $3.3 billion and not the $1.26 billion they estimated at that time.

It’s not a billion,’ West allegedly texted the publication. ‘It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.’

Forbes World’s Highest Paid Musicians (2020)
1. Kanye West $170 million
2. Elton John $81 million
3. Ariana Grande $72 million
4. Jonas Brothers $68.5 million
5. Chainsmokers $68 million
6. Ed Sheeran $64 million
7. Taylor Swift $63.5 million
8. Post Malone $60 million
9. Rolling Stones $59 million
10. Marshmello $56 million
11. Shawn Mendes $54.5 million
12. Jay-Z $53.5 million
13. Billie Eilish $53 million
14. BTS $50 million
15. Drake $49 million

16.Jennifer Lopez $47.5 million
17.Pink $47 million
18.Rihanna $46 million
19.Luke Bryan $45.5 million
20.Backstreet Boys $45 million
21.Phil Collins $45 million
22.Blake Shelton $43.5 million
23.Celine Dion $42 million
24.The Eagles $41 million
25.Metallica $40.5 millio

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