UK prime minister, Boris Johnson says Britons should D wear face masks after lockdown

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced that wearing face masks is now part of their exit strategy to combat Covid-19.

Mr. Boris Johnson said, UK’s response to the pandemic had so far been a “success” because it had “avoided the tragedy that engulfed other parts of the world”.

Number 10 made the announcement during Downing Street coronavirus briefing. Advice on masks will be a small part of a “comprehensive plan” for leaving lockdown to be published next week.

At the press conference, Johnson struck a balance between what he called the “urgent” need to begin to come out of lockdown with the “vital” need to suppress the disease and prevent a second peak.

According to the Prime Minister, wearing of face coverings in public will be ‘useful’ in terms of stopping the spread of the disease when restrictions are lifted.

” This would give workers ‘confidence that it is safe for them to venture out, use public transport, and go back to their jobs.’

The government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has been considering the evidence in recent weeks relating to the wearing of facemasks.

Numerous opposition politicians have been pushing Downing Street to change tack and recommend they be worn.


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