NETCOM Africa Announces it’s partnerships with top Global Provider in Security

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Netcom Africa, the foremost connectivity and IT Solutions provider in Nigeria, has partnered the Lagos State Government, YPO, Landmark Center, and various other companies to help curtail
the COVID-19 spread in the state. Netcom is enabling a COVID-19 center and isolation facilities.

With high speed connectivity and infrastructure to facilitate effective monitoring, communication and response, as its contribution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Lagos state.

Netcom’s part in this initiative will ensure that the state government, health officials and doctors fighting the pandemic are well connected with each other and to the rest of the world.

This is being achieved via the provision of high-speed internet access, managed Wi-Fi services, and technology integration to the 100 bed COVID-19 isolation center for the Eti-Osa local government.

The enhanced connectivity will be used for doctors and care professionals to rapidly review electronic patient records and manage hospital resources and scheduling.  For patients to receive
the best consultation and treatment, remote doctors can be connected using Netcom’s dedicated.

Internet to patients to provide more diagnostic capabilities as well as bringing in specialist doctors as needed.   The Wifi infrastructure within the hospital will also be used for fully cloud based collaboration and email systems as well as with an IP based PBX, which will allow for phone calls to be routed to the right professional.

Integrated and collaborative messaging platforms are expected to provide a platform for exchanging up-to-date scientific findings and
knowledge on the disease with colleagues around the world.  This will ensure that Nigerian COVID-19 patients are provided care on par with the most developed nations.

Most importantly, Wifi for patients in the isolation facility will have access to ultra-high-speed Internet to allow their time in the center to pass with the most comfort.

Speaking on the company’s COVID-19 intervention, VP Corporate Development, Netcom, Charles Harrington stated “Our first and only priority is that we do whatever is possible to ensure
the rapid and comfortable care and recovery of COVID-19 patients in Lagos through the use of the Internet and technology.

We are also extremely thankful to the front line of health care
worker for their brave and selfless work”.

In today’s changing business environment, the need to have a robust virtual security architecture has become imperative. Having this in mind, Netcom Africa, Nigeria’s foremost managed IT service provider and outsourcing firm has brought to the fore a bouquet of information technology ( IT ) security solutions for businesses in Nigeria.

With the high rising incidents of breaches in various organizations today, investing in IT security becomes more imperative in order to secure critical assets and information. According to reports, over
N127 Billion losses annually as a result of security breaches in the country, and $2.1 Trillion USD worldwide.

Over 60% of small and medium sized busineses that suffer a cyber security breach will go out of business within 6 months of the breach due to reputation damage, customer and financial loss,
and legal actions.

Netcom Africa has introduced top-notch security solutions that would address the issue of breaches. Over the years, Netcom has solidified its footprint in Nigeria’s tech market with the deployment of robust cyber security services targeting Nigerian corporate where high-end tech services are steadily on the rise.

Security is best when it’s silent, our solutions feature both cloud and on-premise SSO,  multi-factor authentication, user provisioning with self-service and access governance, password synchronization,
self-service password reset and even AD & NTFS auditing tools", Harrington Charles, Vice President, Corporate Development & Marketing, Netcom Africa.

Organizations are to enjoy the latest deployments in the cyber security system. According to Netcom Africa, the company opined that their security information and event management (SIEM) service collects and analyses security information in real time from across your organization. A combination of powerful proprietary technologies and human intelligence helps to prevent attacks on your network, and protect your commercially sensitive information.

One of the best preventative measures that any organization can undertake is education of its people. Providing cybersecurity training for your employees is by far the best value for cost and too many users don’t know the basic practices such as updating software, recognizing a phishing email, and use of strong passwords.

Netcom Africa have designed these types of trainings as well as partnered with global reputable brands to bring Nigerians the best cyber security solutions available in any part of the world.

We’ve partnered with Shelt, the European Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), to offer the first cloud-based cybersecurity platform in Nigeria, FirstWave Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP).

The Email Security, Web Security, and Firewall Security suite is based on the most robust enterprise solutions of Cisco, Palo Alto and Fortinet and does away with the need to have an on premise appliance.

The suite is available on per user model and can be easily scaled for any size business and gives small and medium sized companies access to high end solutions that would normally be suited for Fortune 500 companies with 1000+ users.

In addition, we also have partnerships with Microsoft, Kaspersky, Tata Communications, and Sophos, the global leaders in Cynbersecurity including Endpoint protection, Firewall, DDoS Detection and Mitigation, UTM (Unified Threat Management), and Penetration testing, to complete our suite of security solutions allowing us to give your company the right balance between value and cost to meet your objectives,” Charles Concluded.


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