Evander Holyfield says he’s ready to Fight Mike Tyson In Exhibition For Charity after 23 years he bit his ear

Evander Holyfield, 57 is eyeing a third fight with Iron Mike Tyson in an exhibition boxing match to raise money for his charity, Unite 4 Our Fight.

The blockbuster rematch between both boxers as both heavyweight rivals are in talks to making a return to the ring at the age of 57 after 23 years of their infamous second showdown in Las Vegas where Mike Tyson bit off part of Holyfield’s ear in the third round, leading to disqualification and a $3million (£2.4m) fine.

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson uploaded a video of himself training, showing he has lost none of his speed and power.

In the 25-second video, Iron Mike shows off the sharp left and right hooks that floored many men in his heyday as wants to have some fights to raise money for charity even though he is 53, and Holyfield who announced last month that he is willing to come out of retirement says he will like to fight Tyson if Tyson is interested in fighting him.

Tyson, who retired from boxing in 2005 after losing to Kevin McBride, recently said he is keen to return to the ring – for some exhibition fights.

Holyfield’s purpose is to raise money for underprivileged kids, who like himself, did not have the financial means to pursue their dreams in their youth.


When asked whether he would take on Tyson for the third time, he told The Sun: ‘I would do that! Yes, I want to fight Mike Tyson .

‘My whole thing is I’m open, and I know that I want to do well for myself at age 57. I can definitely handle him.

I’m not afraid of [Tyson] or anything like that, as long as it works for both of us [financially]. I wouldn’t ask for him to do it if he didn’t want to. He’d have to ask me. It’s like being the bully, I already beat him twice.”

“I’ve already done what I wanted to do in my career, and have been the best that I could be. If it wasn’t for charity, I wouldn’t fight Tyson,”

Holyfield told BoxingScene in an interview. “I don’t look at it as being a winner in this fight. This is a charity event helping our foundations. The thing is knowing what you’re doing it for.

‘It’s not about who can beat who, but to show people we were some of the greatest fighters in our era and we’ve come together as men to do something for others.

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