Ariana Grande and Mom Joan get permanent restraining order against trespasser,Fidel Henriquez for next five years

Court grant American singer Ariana Grande and her mom Joan permanent restraining order to avoid obsessive fans.

The judge ordered Fidel Henriquez to stay away from the singer and her mother for the next five years.

Under the order, Fidel Henriquez, the obsessed fan, can’t come within 100 yards of Joan’s home, her vehicles, her and Ariana also may not have any communication with either Ariana or Joan via letters, phone calls, texts or social media.

The March 14 incident came just two weeks after Ariana was the victim of a hoax 911 call at her Los Angeles home

The man is alleged to have slipped onto the property by following a delivery truck through the gates. And once inside, cops said that he was ransacking through the garbage before knocking on Joan’s front door, with a love note to Ariana in hand.

He was arrested at the time for trespassing and battery after he allegedly spat on the officers who responded.

He was subsequently booked for misdemeanor trespassing and felony battery after he allegedly spat on one of the police officers arresting him.


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