Woman Is Not Complete Without A Man, if you are a 38 year old woman and not married yet, get pregnant and have a child- Sylvia Ukaatu

Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has taken to her Instagram page to advise ladies to get themselves a man, stressing that ladies are not complete without a man.

ladies can be a second or third wife, adding that not every lady can be someone’s first.

She said: “We are not complete without a man, get yourself a shield over you even if it takes being someone’s 2nd, 3rd women be married. For the records, we all are not destined to be someone’s first… Don’t be deceived on HOPE until time eludes you.”

She also adviced women within the ages of 38 and 39 but yet to be married to get pregnant and have a child.

“If at 38, 39 and you are not married yet and you don’t have a child of your own, it is such a pity for you as a woman.

”Try as much as possible to be pregnant and have a child. Women don’t have time. At 35, some have already gone into Menopause.

”I do hear people say having a child or children outside wedlock is a sin. Don’t worry don’t be the judge.

”Those same people that you fear would mock you when you have kids out of wedlock would also be there to make jest of you when the days are dark.”


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