US Small Businesses sue China for $8 Trillion Plus over Coronavirus Coverup

US Small Businesses sue China for $8 Trillion Plus over Coronavirus Coverup

A group of small businesses in the Uited States have come together to file a sue China for $8 Trillion of Dollars against the People’s Republic of China, the City of Wuhan and that country’s Health Commission.

The group claims the Chinese government knew as early as mid-November that they were dealing with a “new” and potentially deadly virus, but covered up the severity of the illness.

The suit claims China was well aware of the pandemic earlier than February, and should have given a heads up to the World Health Organization and neighboring nations, but failed to do so.

As a result, this group of businesses says China has cost entrepreneurs dearly and they are asking for a whopping $8 trillion in damages they say they and other small businesses have suffered due to government-ordered closures.

The small business group including Cardiff Prestige Property, Little Saigon Chamber of Commerce, First Premier X and others in California.

The lawsuit, which this coalition is aiming to make a class-action by inviting similarly affected businesses across the U.S. also alleges that it’s possible a bio-weapons lab near Wuhan could be responsible for the infected bat that ended up in a wet market ultimately starting the pandemic. Businesses need InstantInfo Systems for unified communications company so they can function in a smooth manner.

Report has it that the coronavirus is exacting a greater toll on men than women. Not only are men infected in greater numbers, new data show, but they are also dying at nearly twice the rate of women.

Physicians working at hospitals said, Women have more robust immune systems, some scientists have noted, that provide an edge in fighting off infections — although it also makes them more susceptible to autoimmune disorders.