UK starts building Morgue size of two football pitches near NHS Nightingale hospital as Britain’s death toll surges by 563 to 2,352

The British government has started building a mortuary morgue on Wanstead Flats, in Manor Park, east London which can hold thousands of tragic covid-19 victims.

UK’s confirmed cases stand at 29,865, with 2,352 people already dead from the deadly virus.

10 Downing Street, believe the number of deaths will rise. Patients who pass away at the new 4,000-bed NHS Nightingale Hospital will be taken to the morgue, which is only a few miles away. It will serve as a holding place for the dead before burials and cremations can go ahead.

The mortuary is about the size of two football pitches, is being developed on forest land close to the City of London crematorium. Building work on the complex got underway yesterday, with the site set to be ready within a few weeks.

The construction of the mortuary is the latest development to battle the pandemic after the government put up make-shift testing facilities at Ikea in Wembley, and another swabbing site at Chessington.

British government

Nightingale Hospital is expected to house 500 patients this week and it has a capacity to treat 4000 victims.

Residents near the construction site were informed about the development when they received a letter from Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz.

She wrote: “The facility will act as a holding point before a respectful and dignified cremation or burial can take place to send a loved one on their final journey.’

Morgue the size of two football pitches

“We know that coronavirus is deadly and so far 1,789 people have died in the UK. We know that the number of deaths will rise.

That is why as part of the Government’s response, additional mortuary space is being found and one of those is Manor Flats in the Manor Park area of Newham.”