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Russia Military Plane En Route To U.S. With Coronavirus medical equipment

In an uncommon demonstration of help between two force to be reckoned with rivals, Russia has transported medical supplies and equipment using a military plane to the United States, to help the US in its battle against the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed 3700 people as of now in the US.

Confirmed US cases have surged to 189,000 and 4,000 people have already died there from COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

Trump gratefully accepted humanitarian help from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, during phone conversation when the two leaders discussed how best to respond to the virus.

Russian state TV report, A Russian military transport plane took off from an airfield outside Moscow early on Wednesday (1 April) and headed for the United States with a load of medical equipment and masks to help Washington fight coronavirus.

The government is racing to build temporary hospitals near major cities to ease the strain on health-care facilities as officials predict things will get much worse in the coming weeks

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted

‘Following phone talk between Presidents #Putin & @realDonaldTrump #Russia sends largest cargo aircraft An-124 Ruslan with medical supplies (masks + equipment) to #US to help fight #COVID19 pandemic, save lives of American citizens. The plane is en route #RussiaHelps