PM Boris Johnson returns to work after recovering from Covid-19

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is full back to work after making full recovery from Coronavirus.

In his first remarks after returning to work Monday, Johnson acknowledged that the restrictions were hard to bear and risked taking a heavy toll on the economy.

Speaking from outside Number 10 Downing Street, the prime minister praised the British public for the sacrifices they had made during the period of lockdown, but warned that this was the “moment of maximum risk.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been away from my desk for much longer than I would have liked. If this virus were a physical assailant, an unexpected and invisible mugger which I can tell you from personal experience it is — then this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor.”

“I refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the British people and to risk a second major outbreak and huge loss of life.”

“I understand your impatience, I share your anxiety,” he said. “And yet we must also recognize the risk of a second spike, the risk of losing control of that virus and letting the reproduction rate go back over one.

“Because that would mean not only a new wave of death and disease but also an economic disaster, and we would be forced once again to slam on the brakes across the whole country and the whole economy.”

Mr Johnson spent a week in hospital, including three nights in intensive care, after being admitted on 5 April.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 154,000 people in the United Kingdom have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and at least 20,795 have died from the disease,


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