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Lists of Cheapest and best cloud VPS hosting providers

Generally, a web hosting provider has two ways of offering affordable VPS solutions.

The first option is to invest in superior servers and guaranteeing a dependable service that retain customers for several years. The second option is to purchase outdated hardware that doesn’t have unlimited resources, runs an ad campaign, and getting back som short-term profits.

Countless companies still optin in for the second option, which doesn’t end well. Poor VPS plan makes a website slow, and sometimes, unavailable. This is can be very devastating. Hence, you should go for the best.

Some of the world’s preferred companies offering VPS plans are mentioned below. Their services aren’t just competent and effective, they are also pocket-friendly.


  • InterServer

Although this company might not be globally recognized, InterServer has incredible VPS services to offer. Signing up for the VPS plan is not regrettable, since you won’t have any cause to hate your decision.

InterServer places you in a prime posting, whereby you’re able to effortlessly serve visitors coming frok all over north America and beyond. InterServer has several (about sixteen) VPS configurations to provide, and they all include managed support, except certain three essential configurations.

One beautiful thing about InterServer, is how effortless it is to run a WordPress website. You are also able to make an uprgrade on your machine to make it adapt to your changing requirements.

Why Inter server CLOUD VPS HOSTING

Interserver.net offers one of the most affordable VPS plans in the market on which you can trust without giving yourself a second thought. With their VPS hosting, you can customize the resources according to your needs.

Lighting Fast Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most basic but powerful features that you will get instantly with your Cloud VPS hosting package. A fast loading website ensures that your competitors are not able to snatch your potential customers.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of uptime guarantee with our VPS hosting service. there cloud VPS infrastructure is empowered with high-performance SSD storage that ensures flawless performance smoothly.


Interserver VPS platform can support multiple database types with quick installations using Linux package management or bread basket. Deploy a MySQL server VPS in minutes with the ability to make secure remote connections to store and retrieve your organizations’ data.

It Improve overall performance by offloading your SQL processing to a private environment. Manage your database with PHPMyAdmin that is available for quick installation with Bread basket. You can also deploy other SQL servers such as SQLITE, MongoDB, MarinaDB, PostgreSQL and many more.

cPanel Hosting Solutions

cPanel is the most popular platform for managing many websites. A popular choice by a majority of hosting companies as well. Interserver is a leading distributor of the cPanel control panel

Free ssl Certificate.


  • Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is a web host that’s based in texas, operating data centers in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Dallas – its home town.

This company offers a 24-hour service that includes total care and management of your server (set up and optimization) daily remote backups, as well as Scala Hosting’s security suite and proprietary control panel.

Scala Hosting also ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, as a new customer, you can choose to request a refund not more than 30 days of using the service. Moreover, for each 0.1% downtime, Scala Hosting gives you 10% credit.


  • Kamatera

Some people still don’t that Kamatera is engaged if providing hosting services. But if you take a closer look that the company’s homepage, you would realize it.

Almost everyone knows Kamatera as a “performance cloud”, operating at least 13 data centres from the United States and Canada, even to United Kingdom, Israel, Netherlands, Germany as well as Hong Kong.

It’s pleasing to know that Kamatera gives a 30-day trial that’s absolutely free without you paying any money or commitment.

Their VPS services are fully managed, based on what you want though. This management covers server setup and configuration and maintenance of the full system.


  • Liquid Web

Liquid web is a hosting provider who has spent about two decades in the web hosting industry. Thus, it’s well-recognized and known to always deliver high-performing VPS plans.

Although the price might be a little be high, you need to understand that Liquid web’s VPS plan consists of key features, such as firewall and security service, active 24-hour monitoring, Cloudflare CDN, control panel licenses, and DDoS protection.

The company is absolutely commited to a fully managed service, which has everything from server setup as well as installation.


  • A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting remains one of the best cheap hosting providers offering excellent services.The company operates four data centers located in Amsterdam, Michigan, Singapore, and Arizona, where competent VPS services are being offered to clients.

All VPS plans are backed by the company’s signature and a 99.9% uptime commitment.

A2 Hosting doesn’t really have a fixed pricing structure, it varies. However, you can still afford any of the VPS plans available, since they are not so expensive.

Unlike other web hosts, A2 Hosting offers any-time money-back guarantee to both new and existing customers. This means that you shouldn’t bother signing up for as long as you wish.



Hostinger: You can choose from dozens of server templates and enjoy freebies like a dedicated IP, advanced security, and backup software

Good Uptime – 99.91%. Hostinger promises 5% reimbursement of the monthly hosting fee whenever the uptime SLA is breached. Given that in 4 of 6 the months the uptime was impeccable, I don’t expect to have a reason to complain anytime soon

Superb Speed

Extremely fast response times – 0.19s (1st)
Very fast loading times – 0.68s (1st)
Stable under load – 1.17s (8th)

The Hostinger server takes about 0.19 seconds to respond with the first byte of data. Then, it needs only 0.68 seconds to render the page fully.

Optimized for WordPress

WordPress caching plugins and servers ready to accommodate this popular content management system make Hostinger an excellent home for it.

1-click installer and automatic updates make the Hostinger WordPress package a rather tempting offer.

Built-in Cache

All Hostinger plans have Nginx caching enabled. Without descending deeper into technicalities, suffice to say that Nginx is a powerful and fast web server; it was designed to outperform Apache and duly does so. When server-side Nginx caching is configured properly (which the Hostinger support assured me is the case), even content-heavy dynamic sites should perform flawlessly.

No Free SSL


DreamHost hits the middle ground between power and affordability. For just $10/month, it offers a low-cost entry point into managed VPS. You get enough resources to support a budding website and quite a few advanced features to set it apart. Your project can grow under the supervision of its expert support team. If you can get by without a static IP address, DreamHost is an excellent choice


Another US-based VPS provider, NameCheap brings you closer to high-end solutions for a fraction of the price. You’ll get more generous resource allocation, coupled with a bunch of freebies, and affordable add-ons. Albeit not without its flaws, NameCheap is a solid choice if you need a more powerful virtual server.


Blazing-fast and environmentally friendly, iPage has quite a few attractive features. It offers substantial discounts on its managed VPS plans. However, it makes up lost profits by charging for many features you’d expect for free. Although it’s one of the top cheap VPS providers, it lacks in support quality and experience.


is one of the most praised, as well as one of the most popular VPS hosting providers. While it is among the better hosts, many of its reviews are somewhat overblown. The VPS service has more than a few flaws that amount to an underwhelming experience. While BlueHost has its virtues, the price may come a bit steep.


InMotion Hosting’s starter plan is more tailored towards demanding websites, while still maintaining a relatively low price. You get more than enough resources for even mid-sized projects. The plans all come with fantastic features, freebies galore, and an impressive support team. If you need a powerful solution at a reasonable price, InMotion is the way to go


GreenGeeks lets you start small and slowly move up the VPS tiers while maintaining low prices. Unlike other providers, it leaves almost the entire server setup to you.

Not to worry, though, as skillful support team is there to help, and the knowledge base provides an excellent reference point. GreenGeeks is a fantastic economic VPS host for more technical users


Hostwinds offers both managed and unmanaged Linux and Windows solutions. To top it off, all start under $10/month. Combine this with robust features, stellar support, and reliable infrastructure, and it becomes apparent why many regard it as the best cheap VPS hosting provider. It’s an excellent choice for setting up and growing just about any website.


1&1’s entry plan is the very definition of low-cost VPS hosting. For just the price of a cup of coffee, it provides a solid platform for getting your projects off the ground.

And it doesn’t stop there—1&1 spices up the offer with a bunch of useful features like a WildCard SSL certificate, a backup system, and low-cost domain registration. Combine all that, and you get quality unmanaged VPS with the lowest entry price you’ll find.


Although there are other web hosting companies out there who can provide cloud VPS services, their VPS plans can’t be trusted since they have not been endorsed and recommended by WordPress or thousands of customers. The five hosting companies mentioned in this article, are reliable, efficient, and not too expensive.