How to search for job vacancies on LinkedIn

The digital world we now live in has helped to make virtually everything easy to carry out, including Job hunting. We no longer live in the 70s where one had to literally walk with his resume in search of a paid employment.

Fortunately, we currently have LinkedIn, an online platform that connects employees and enployers together. With LinkedIn, you can effortlessly locate and apply for available job(s) that suits your qualification and expertise.

As a job seeker, searching for job on LinkedIn is not a complex thing to do, but a very hassle-free one.

As long as you’ve created an account (your LinkedIn profile), you can submit hundreds of job applications. If you’re a new LinkedIn user who’s oblivious of the job search procedure, this article will be your guide.

How to get start on LinkedIn

Create your profile: Signing up and creating your profile is the best way to begin using LinkedIn. A robust LinkedIn profile will summarize your professional experience to your connections, current and future employers, and recruiters.

Your profile represents your professional life and milestones, where people can find you and stay updated on your professional activity. Through your profile, you can showcase who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re interested in. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn profiles.

Find a job:

If you’re looking for a new professional opportunity, you can get started on your job search on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to research companies and reach out to the hiring community. You can also apply directly for roles, save job searches, and notify your connections and recruiters that you’re open for job opportunities

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The step-by-step procedure on how to search for a job has been made available below.

To conduct a job search, do this:

  1. Login to your LinkedIn profile, and then locate the homepage. Next thing is to look at the top of your homepage where you’ll see a “Jobs” Icon, which you are to click on.

N.B: It’s recommended to make us of a PC when doing this, in order to make the whole process easy for you.

Alternatively, if you can’t lay hands on a PC, simply follow the instruction below to learn how to search and apply for a job on LinkedIn using an adriod phone.

To search for jobs on a mobile phone:

  • Simply click the job Icon which is normally located at the base of the sceen, towards the right side.
  • Type in the Keywords in the Search Jobs
  • Type in your location in the Location field and click the search button.
  • To refine the results from the search, ensure you make us of the filters on the searched results.
  • To submit an application for the job, click the highlighted Apply button,, which is located at the top of the job positing. You can choose to save a job by tapping the highlighted Save button which is also located at the top of the job posting.

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  1. There’d be a Search Jobs field for you to click on, after which you would enter the name of the company you are to seek for employment.B: Based on your qualification, experience and expertise, LinkedIn would suggest some jobs which you can apply for if you so desire. It’s very vital to always ensure thay your LinkedIn profile is updated with your working experience, education history, and other key information that interests employers.
  2. Enter the location of where you’d like to secure a job in the Search location field and click the search button. Once you do that, you will be to a page where you’ll have access to numerous job openings that are in accordance with your skill, qualification and preferred location.
  3. Next step is to filter the results by making use of the filter options located at the top of the page. It’s important to note that the moment you’ve applied all the filters, you can set job alerts by switching on the Job alert
  4. Once you’ve located your preferred job, click on the posting in order to view the job description and the necessary requirements, so you would know if you really want to apply for it.



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