How to Use LinkedIn To Promote market Business

How to Post Job vacancies on LinkedIn

When recruiting workers in an organization, the Human resource department seeks for nothing but the most competent, skilled, and well-cultured applicant.

There is no better platform to make this happen than LinkedIn. As an employer, LinkedIn is an excellent online platform that connects you with that qualified personnel that would contribute to the success of your establishment.

In 2003, LinkedIn emerged, and in no time, became the biggest online professional network globally, having over 575 million users. Owing to the ridiculously large number of LinkedIn users, the platform is certainly where you can get your preferred personnel from.

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This article has provided a helpful information on how employers can post job vacancies on Linked in.

Note: advertising job posting on LinkedIn is not free. You are to pay for it. However, there is a way you can actually place job ads without paying, but it is ineffective. The paid procedure is much more satisfying.

To post a job on LinkedIn:

  1. Click the  Jobs icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click the  Post a job button.
    • If you’re a Recruiter customer, you may be routed to a page with different contract options you’re affiliated with. If so, click Continue next to (Your Name)’s LinkedIn Job Posting.
  3. On the Job Details page, complete the following fields:
    • Description: Enter a job description (required) in the text box.
    • Add skills: Specify the skills needed for the job by clicking the Add skill icon.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. On the Applicant Options page, complete the following fields:
    • How would you like to receive applicants?: Select how you’ll be notified of applicants.
    • Review screening questions: We recommend adding at least three screening questions to help you easily identify top applicants who meet your required or preferred qualifications.
  6. After you click the Promote job button, add your credit card details on the checkout page.
    • If you already have a payment method on file, your default payment method will appear. Click  Add payment if you’d like to add a new payment method for this purchase.
  7. Review the order details before posting your job. You can see your daily budget, total budget, and other details.
  8. Click Post job.

There are numerious means to recruit employees via LinkedIn.

One way is to join a LinkedIn group for job seekers and spread the word.

secondly, upgrade to one of LinkedIn’s Premium Recruiter accounts, which gives members access to advanced tools: enhanced filters, search alerts and InMail messages for contacting prospects. Businesses can also post highly targeted LinkedIn job ads, so that only the most qualified candidates will apply.

Make use of the instruction below to post a job on LinkedIn:

To begin, simply tap the Work icon located around the top of your LinkedIn homepage, and click the Post a job highlighted button. After this, you’d need to complete some fields. Take a look a the explanation below:

  • Company: this is where you state the name of your company, and any other identity that’s required. It’s important to note that you need to have a LinkedIn page for the company posting the employment offer.
  • Job Title: this is where you state the title of the Job you’re recruiting applicants for. A list of standard Job titles will be suggested by LinkedIn, so you can make your choice. Depending on the Job title you type in, several suggestions will be displayed by LinkedIn’s technology all through the job posting flow.
  • Location: the company’s location is necessary when posting a job vacancy, so you can be able to target applicants within the residence of the your company.
  • Company industry and Job function: you will need to select at least three functions of the job, and you’ll also add the company industries to the job posting.

Moreover, the job description will be required, which you’ll provide in a text box. You’ll also list some of the skills needed to qualify for the job, by tapping the Add Skill icon.

Applicants also need to know how the company wants them to apply. Hence, you’ll either select the option that allows candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profile, or choose the other option that redirects them to the company site. To redirect applicants to the company site, you must provide the URL of the website.

After this, click Continue, after which you can choose to add some screening questions you’d like the applicants to answer when they are applying for the job.

The final aspect of the job posting is making payment. Tap Proceed to checkout, and add your credit card details on the page. Tap Add payment to add your payment method.

However, if you have actually done a Job posting before (which means you’ve once made payment), you might not necessarily need to add the credit card details. The system will bring out your default payment method.

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Does it cost anything to post a job on LinkedIn?

It doesn’t cost anything to create a basic LinkedIn account. However, the site offers other paid options. For example, a Recruiter Lite account costs $99.95 per month and the Corporate account costs $825 per month.


LinkedIn job posting is currently the best medium used to seek for applicants. Attempting to device a means whereby you can make a free job posting on LinkedIn or anywhere else is not recommended, since you won’t get the exact outcome that you desire.