Germans to pay fines of up to $5,000 as wearing a face mask becomes Compulsory

Germany new law required residents to cover their noses and mouths with face-masks while traveling with public transportation or while shopping.

Also mask-wearing is now required in school corridors and when children go on breaks, but not in the classroom.

Germany has a decentralized system, and the federal government cannot force states into lockdowns or make masks compulsory

Each of Germany’s 16 states, which are entitled to make their own laws under Germany’s federal system, drew up their own set of regulations — meaning that the rules are slightly different depending on the region.

Violators of the new order, will face as much as a €5000 fine, as the nation eases down lockdown rules.

In Bavaria, people still going mask-free can be fined €150 (£131; $163), but the fine for any shopkeeper who breaks the rules can be €5,000, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel says regional variations in the lockdown rules are acceptable because some places are virus hotspots while others are not.