Irish potatoes

8 Health benefits of Irish potatoes

The Irish potatoes which originated from United States offers enough energy for your body without making you add weight.

Pototoes help to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, boost heart health, and protect from polyps.

They strengthen the immune system, reduce signs of aging, protect the skin, increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, maintain fluid balance, and reduce insomnia.

Health Benefits

1. Immunity

The Vitamin C in Irish potatoes can help prevent everything from scurvy to the common cold, and potatoes are full of this nutrient, with about 45 percent of the recommended daily intake per medium baked potato. And if you feel like you need some more nutrients for your body, head over to this peptides site and replenish your body.

2.Helps facilitate digestion

Carbohydrates present in Irish potatoes help in quick and easy digestion. This makes it a good choice for babies and patients who face difficulty in digesting foods.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Irish potatoes have the ability to lower blood pressure levels thanks to its essential vitamins that can control stress, tension and anxiety.

4. Heart health

The vitamin potatoes help to clear cholesterol from blood vessels; vitamins C and B6 help reduce free radicals; and carotenoids help maintain proper heart functioning.

5.Skin care

vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous can all help keep skin as smooth and creamy as, well, mashed potatoes. These nutrients are all present in potatoes.

6.Cancer risk

Irish potatoes are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce levels of interleukin-6 or IL-6, a protein linked to cancer cell growth within the colon.

7. Good for bones

Potatoes are Rich in calcium and phosphorous, it help strengthen bones The iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc present in potatoes all contribute to the building and maintenance of bone structure and strength. Zinc and iron play critical roles in the production and maturation of collagen.

8.Promote Sleep

The potassium in potatoes acts as a muscle relaxant, which further ensures a more restful sleep and relaxation.