Spain records its highest number of deaths in new Coronavirus

Spain have registered new deaths between Monday and Tuesday, taking its total from 7,340 to 8,189. While the number of confirmed cases rose by 9,222, taking the total from 85,195 to 94,417.

The country has recorded its highest number of deaths and new Coronavirus infections as 849 people die and cases rise 9,222 in one day.

The 9,222 new cases included 3,419 in the Madrid region, which accounts for nearly half the total deaths, and another 2,616 in Catalonia

Spain is currently the third country in the world to overtake China’s total infection count, after Italy and the United States.

The government in Madrid has enforced a tighter stay-at-home rule to halt to all non-essential economic activity, which came into effect on Monday.


The rise in cases marks a 10.8 percent increase in Spain.

Italy has registered more deaths than anywhere else in the world and accounts for more than a third of all global fatalities from the virus but it appears its strict lockdown measures may now be starting to work.


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